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Hyper PWA plugin is developed based on web.dev and Workbox, provides Manifest and Service Worker, supports Add to Home screen, Work Offline and Push Notifications, is compatible with Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) and OneSignal. — It converts WordPress into Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Basic Features:
* Provide Manifest
* Provide Service Worker
* Support Add to Home screen
* Support Work Offline
* Support Push Notifications
* Is compatible with AMP
* Is compatible with OneSignal

Premium Features:
* Support Workbox Strategies
* Support Workbox Common Recipes
* Support Workbox Offline Fallback Page
* Support Workbox Advanced Recipes
* Support Workbox Default Handler
* Support Workbox Precaching
* Support Workbox Google Analytics
* Support Workbox Background Sync


This plugin is relying on a 3rd party Software as a Service — FlexPlat: https://flexplat.com to generate Manifest and Service Workers related files.  The Terms and Conditions is located at: https://flexplat.com/terms-and-conditions/

In detail, to make PWA working, end users will ask your website to provide Manifest and Service Workers related files:
* hyper-pwa-script.js
* hyper-pwa-service-worker.html
* hyper-pwa-service-worker.js
* hyper-pwa-manifest.json
* hyper-pwa-offline.html
* hyper-pwa-admin.js
* hyper-pwa-settings.json
Inside of producing these files within my plugin, my plugin will send necessary parameters to FlexPlat, FlexPlat will build the Service Workers related files based on the received parameters, and return these files to your website.  Then my plugin forwards these files to end users.

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  1. https://flexplat.com


  1. GitHub: https://github.com/rickey29/hyper-pwa-wordpress
  2. WordPress Plugins Libraries: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hyper-pwa/


Go to your website Dashboard Hyper PWA section for detail.


If you want to have a personalization/customization Service Worker solution for your website, but have trouble configuring all the settings, or have further requirements, please contact me, I will do it for you. It is a paid service.


Author: Rickey Gu
Web: https://flexplat.com
Email: rickey29@gmail.com


  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/hyper-pwa’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


How to validate my website PWA status?

I use Google Chrome Lighthouse PWA audit. You can Google to find more tools.

How to add my website to mobile device home screen?


How to find my website Repeat View load time/speed?

https://www.webpagetest.org/ . In the Advanced Settings, change Repeat View option to “First View and Repeat View”.

Does this plugin support Push Notifications?

This plugin can not do Push Notifications by itself. While, it is compatible with OneSignal: https://wordpress.org/plugins/onesignal-free-web-push-notifications/ , you can use OneSignal plugin to do Push Notifications.

During Google Chrome Lighthouse PWA audit, I get following error message: “No matching service worker detected. You may need to reload the page, or check that the scope of the service worker for the current page encloses the scope and start URL from the manifest.” And in Chrome Console, I get following error message: “The script has an unsupported MIME type (\’text/html\’).” What should I do now?

If your website uses any cache plugin, purge the cache. If your website uses any CDN/cache server, purge the cache. Go to your web browser Developer Tools, unregister Service Worker and clear cache. Then redo the audit.
If it is still not working, you must use some cache plugin. Let your cache plugin not caching “https://yoursite/hyper-pwa-service-worker.js” — set above link as an exception to the caching. Go to your web browser Developer Tools, unregister Service Worker and clear cache. Then redo the audit.

Get the following error message in web browser console: “The service worker navigation preload request was cancelled before ‘preloadResponse’ settled. If you intend to use ‘preloadResponse’, use waitUntil() or respondWith() to wait for the promise to settle.” What should I do now?



أكتوبر 12, 2021
Far behind SuperPWA and PWA for WP. Read carefully in the dashboard because some settings are accessible but become chargeable after 90 days.


غشت 2, 2021
After using this plugin, my website have passed lightinghouse pwa-audit
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(Thur., Oct. 07, 2021)
* New Feature: Support Add to Home screen.


(Sun., Aug. 29, 2021)
* New Feature: Provide more detail in admin settings page.


(Wed., Jul. 28, 2021)
* New Feature: Add more functions in admin settings page.


(Thur., Jul. 08, 2021)
* New Feature: Support Workbox Background Sync.


(Mon., Jun. 28, 2021)
* Improvement for PluginTests.


(Mon., Jun. 21, 2021)
* Improvement for Lighthouse Audit.


(Mon., Jun. 14, 2021)
* New feature: Use corn job to refresh cache.


(Tue., May 25, 2021)
* Bug fix: nonce not working for multiple users.


(Mon., May 24, 2021)
* Update according to WordPress Plugin Security guideline.


(Fri., May 07, 2021)
* New feature: multiple recipes.


(Fri., Apr. 23, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Mon., Apr. 19, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Fri., Apr. 09, 2021)
* Improve Service Worker recipe.


(Sun., Apr. 04, 2021)
* Deactivate Service Worker within Administration Dashboard.


(Tue., Mar. 30, 2021)
* Provide plugin Settings Page.


(Thur., Mar. 18, 2021)
* Pass Lighthouse PWA audit.
* Work compatible with AMP.
* Display an Offline Page when network is not available.
* Bypass WordPress Administration Dashboard for PWA.


(Thur., Mar. 04, 2021)
* Update according to WordPress Plugin Handbook.


(Tue., Mar. 02, 2021)
* Submission accepted by WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Tue., Mar. 02, 2021)
* Update continued according to the comments of WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Sat., Feb. 27, 2021)
* Update according to the comments of WordPress Plugin Review Team.


(Wed., Feb. 21, 2021)
* primary development