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Tech Startup

بواسطة themeshopy

هذا قالب فرعي من Advance Startup.

النسخة: 0.1.2

أخر تحديث: نونبر 15, 2021

Active Installations: 100+

PHP Version: 7.2 or higher

الصفحة الرئيسية للقالب

Tech Startup is an amazing theme based on WordPress that is great for startups and agencies that are dealing in the technical business domain. It has an innovative and professional design that is a perfect match for IT and tech startups, corporates, tech-savvies, web development agencies, and tech bloggers. The simple and adaptable design adjusts itself on different layouts giving a responsive design. As the design is based on the Bootstrap framework, it results in a robust WordPress theme giving a mobile-friendly as well as a user-friendly website that looks beautiful on any screen. The clean layout shows details in a minimalist way without any extra clutter on the screen drawing the entire attention of your target audience towards your main content. For making sure that you get noticed easily online and get more traffic, there are SEO-friendly codes in the core featuring you in the top ranks in SERP. The highly optimized codes also result in fast performance and fast page load time. To further enhance the interactive part of your website, this theme includes Call To Action Buttons (CTA) and stunning CSS animations. With plenty of personalization options and a WordPress customizer, you are free to do the changes in the layout and give it the desired look. Demo: https://www.themeshopy.com/tech-startup-pro/


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