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Stock Photos

بواسطة Themescaliber

النسخة: 0.1.5

أخر تحديث: أبريل 24, 2022

Active Installations: 100+

PHP Version: 7.2 or higher

الصفحة الرئيسية للقالب

Stock Photos is an excellent WordPress theme for passionate photographers, photo galleries, Image and laminating studios, photography exhibitions, Stock Photos websites, image marketplace, video marketplace, etc. With a clean and retina-ready layout, you do get a responsive website. Bootstrap-based design works flawlessly on different web browsers thanks to its cross-browser compatibility. A user-friendly interface works very well for obtaining a professional website and gives you SEO-friendly codes to get easily noticed on the search engine results. This elegant and minimal design converges the entire focus of your audience on the key info and gives you websites that are mobile-friendly. There are many personalization options given to you along with color and font choices. The optimized codes result in faster page load time. Call to Action Button (CTA) work in a direction to make the theme more interactive and add more advantage to give you better conversion rates. There are secure and clean codes resulting in a flawless performing website. Social media options are integrated into the theme giving you more exposure and a bigger and better platform to promote the photography services online and reach out to more people. A lot of shortcodes and stunning animations are included in the theme adding more life to the existing design. Demo:


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