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WordPress Privacy Policy & Terms Generator Plugin

Generate a professional Privacy Policy, terms of use, terms & conditions, eCommerce returns & refunds policy, affiliate disclaimers & more. Covers 25+ expert vetted legal pages for WordPress websites.

WPLegalPages is a popular and regularly updated legal pages generator plugin with more than 3,70,000 downloads. Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, corporate websites, ecommerce stores, consultants use WPLegalPages for their legal requirements. You can generate professional policy pages tailored to your requirements across multiple geographies.

Privacy Policy Generator – Free

Generate a standard privacy policy to comply with ad networks, analytics, marketing tools on websites. Required for blogs, businesses and ecommerce websites. For a customized privacy policy (with GDPR opt out links), please use the Pro version.

Privacy Notice for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – Free

Generate a standard privacy policy to comply with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Online Protection Act (CalOPPA). For a customized policy created using a guided wizard, please use the Pro Version.

Terms & Conditions Generator – Free

Generate a standard terms & conditions policy page. For a customized policy created using a guided wizard, please use the Pro Version.

DMCA Policy Generator – Free

Generate a standard DMCA privacy policy page. Required for blogs, businesses and ecommerce websites that provide content sourced from other content producers.

WPLegalPages makes it super easy to generate privacy policy pages for websites.

  1. Add your business information.
  2. Select a legal policy page template.
  3. Click ‘Generate’.

Why WPLegalPages?

Easy to install

Install and add legal policy pages to your website in 5 minutes or less.


Generate complex legal pages like “Terms & Conditions” and “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)” using a step-by-step guided wizard. Available in Pro Version only.
Customizable for various types of websites which sell in multiple countries like e-commerce, marketplace, SaaS.

Easy to customize privacy policy pages

Generated policy pages are regular WordPress pages. You can easily edit and update them.

Integrates with your favorite contact form (Pro Feature)

WPLegalPages seamlessly works with your favorite contact form plugin. Users are informed about data being collected and can read the privacy policy before form submission. This helps in getting informed consent as per the privacy requirements.

List of supported contact form plugins include:

  • WPForms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms

25+ pre-built policy templates (Pro Feature)

WPLegalPages comes with ready-to-use policy page templates. Fill in your business information and hit generate.

Option to force agreement (Pro Feature)

Force users to accept your policy before they can access a page or post. Available in Pro Version only.

One-click affiliate disclosure addition (Pro Feature)

Confirm with FTC guidelines. Add affiliate disclosure to the end of a page or post. Available in Pro Version only.

Premium Policy Pages

WPLegalPages Pro can generate 25+ premium policy pages including:

GDPR Privacy Policy

Generate a privacy policy to help comply with GDPR’s privacy policy requirements. Required for businesses who gather visitor information from EU countries. Also available for France – RGPD and Germany – DSGVO.

Facebook Privacy Policy

Generate a Facebook privacy policy for your app, website or ads account.

Generic Privacy Policy

Generate a generic privacy policy to comply with ad networks. Required for businesses who advertise on ad networks like Facebook and Google AdSense.

Website Terms & Conditions Pro

Wizard to customize Terms of Service or Terms & Conditions for different types of websites.

Cookie Policy

Generate a cookie policy (in addition to the above Privacy policies) to help comply with GDPR, CCPA and CalOPPA (California Online Privacy Protection Act). Includes a third-party cookie audit table that can be generated using the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Generate an Amazon Affiliate Disclosure policy page. Required for affiliate websites promoting Amazon products.

Affiliate Agreement Policy

Generate a standard affiliate agreement policy. Useful for businesses that run affiliate programs on their websites.

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Generate an affiliate income disclosure policy page. Required by FTC for businesses promoting products by earning affiliate commissions.

Earnings Disclaimer Policy

Generate an earnings disclaimer policy page. Required by FTC for websites and blogs that have content related to income schemes, private finance etc.

Medical Disclaimer Policy

Generate a medical disclaimer policy to indemnify your website/blog from medical claims. Required for websites and blogs that provide content related to healthcare.

Refund Policy

Generate a standard refunds policy page. Useful for ecommerce websites or websites that sell products/services on their website.

Returns Policy

Generate a standard returns policy page. Useful for ecommerce websites or websites that sell physical products on their website.

Digital Goods Refunds Policy

Generate a standard refunds policy page. Useful for ecommerce websites or websites that sell digital products/services on their website.

Children’s Online Privacy Policy (COPPA)

Generate a standard COPPA policy page on your WordPress website. Required for websites and apps whose audience consists of children below 13 years of age.

Newsletter Subscription Policy

Generates a standard Newsletter Subscription Policy. Useful for businesses and blogs that run a newsletter subscription.

External Links Policy

Generates a standard External Links policy page. Covers the links to or from external websites, which are not owned or controlled by your website.

Anti Spam Policy

Generate a standard anti-spam policy. Required for businesses, applications or websites who allow users to send emails in bulk.

Age Verification Policy with Consent Popup

Generate an age verification policy with consent popup. Required for websites, blogs and ecommerce sites that provide adult content or sell products/services meant for adults.

Cookie Consent Notice

Display a standard cookie consent notice on your WordPress website. Use the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to display a cookie consent notice according to GDPR standards.

WPML Compatible – Learn more

Endorsements: If you need to disclose about your affiliate links on your website. This feature enables you to include disclaimer at the end of your posts which has affiliate links. You can also use the Affiliate Disclosure Block to add the disclaimer easily anywhere in your content on page or posts.

Learn more about WPLegalPages Pro.

Help Resources

Check out our specially curated playlist on YouTube for tutorial videos WPLegalPages tutorial videos.

Browse through our Help documentations and FAQs.


We’re continuously improving. Contact us on our website to have your wishlist added to the plugin.

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From within WordPress

  1. Head over to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Plugins > Add New’
  3. Type WPLegalPages on the search bar
  4. Select the WPLegalPages plugin
  5. Click on Install Now button, and then Activate
  6. Click on the ‘WPLegalPages’ admin menu to get started.
  7. The free privacy policy generator plugin is now activated and ready to use.


  1. On your WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’, and select the plugin files that you have downloaded from
  3. Install and activate the plugin.
  4. WPLegalPages menu will appear on the left hand side.
  5. Click on the ‘WPLegalPages’ admin menu to get started.

Refer the help and documentation to know more about How to Install WPLegalPages.


Is this a Free Privacy Policy generator for WordPress?

Yes! The privacy policy generator feature in this plugin is Free.

The Pro version is ideal:
– If you need to customize it for GDPR
– Use the guided wizard (Terms & Conditions)
– Specific Legal Needs (Disclaimers & Disclosures – Affiliates, Consultants, Medical Blogs, Marketers)
– Returns and Refunds (WooCommerce or e-Commerce Websites)

How to create a GDPR contact form?

As your contact forms are generally used to collect user email for being contacted, users consent is needed. This makes the contact forms subject to GDPR consent rules. In WPLegalPages Pro, you can enable contact form integration. This helps to capture informed consent from the users. Users can also easily view the privacy policy before submitting the form.

Is the cookie notice bar GDPR compliant?

The Cookie Notice feature of this plugin is useful for small websites to show basic cookie notice. To have GDPR compliant notices, use the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Why use WPLegalPages?

GDPR, FTC and other privacy regulators along with ad networks require you to have legal policy pages on your website. Instead of spending hours researching and creating your own policy pages, use WPLegalPages to generate them in a few clicks.

How to use WPLegalPages?

  1. Click on the ‘WPLegalPages’ admin menu.
  2. Accept the disclaimer.
  3. Fill in business details.
  4. Click create legal pages >> Select the type of legal template >> Publish.
  5. You can also use shortcodes of each template and save it as a post or page.

Will it protect my website?

WPLegalPages provides you pre-approved templates. You may want to customize it as per your needs. Please consult your lawyer for any specific needs for compliance with your local law regulators.


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  • Update: Support for WordPress multisite integration. Setup Privacy Policy Pages on WordPress Multisite.


  • Feature: Compatible with WPML. Setup privacy policies on multilingual websites.
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  • Update: Added Getting Started menu to help easy setup of Privacy or any other terms pages on WordPress.


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  • Feature: Added Terms of use templates for French and German Translations.


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Feature: Added standard California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Terms and Conditions policy templates.
Update: Made compatible with WordPress 5.3.2.


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Update: Code updated as per WordPress standards.


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Fixed issue with filter for Legal Pages rendering


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Fixed broken links.


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Admin panel UI improvement
Template not updated after activation of the plugin


Updated EU cookie template and Privacy policy template to remain compliant with upcoming changes to the EU data protection law

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Minor dashboard changes.


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Fixed issues related to shortcode rendering.


Tested upto WordPress version 4.8.


Added subscription form.


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WPLegalPages is now compatible with WordPress 4.5.


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