TrackShip for WooCommerce


TrackShip seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and into your fulfillment workflow, auto-tracks your orders with 300+ shipping providers and brings a branded tracking experience to your WooCommerce store, integrates into your fulfillment workflow, automates the post-shipping workflow and takes care of all the touchpoints with your customers after shipping.

  • Automate your Post-Shipping workflow
  • Reduce time spent on customer service
  • Further engage customers after shipping
  • Provide a superior post-purchase customer experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases

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Automatic Shipment Tracking

TrackShip auto-tracks your orders from shipping to delivery with 300+ shipping providers and carriers around the world. After you fulfill an order, TrackShip auto-tracks the shipments with the shipping providers APIs and updates your store whenever there is an update to the shipment status.

Quick and Easy Setup

Set up TrackShip on your WooCommerce store in just a few minutes, no developer needed. Install the trackShip for WooCommerce plugin, connect your store, set up your preferences and TrackShip will automatically track your fulfilled orders.

Built For Woocommerce

TrackShip seamlessly integrates with WooCommrce and works behind the scenes with zero performance impact on your site. Once you fulfill an order, TrackShip auto-tracks the shipments with the shipping providers APIs and updates your store whenever there is an update to the shipment status.

Give faster, better customer service

Don’t waste time jumping between different dashboards anc carrier websites to keep track of your orders. Monitor your shipments inside the WooCommerce admin. The shipments dashboard displays the most updated shipment status for each order, so you and your staff can quickly resolve any shipping inquiries.

Proactive Customer Service

Increase customer satisfaction with proactive customer service. Get notified by email whenever one of your active shipments is late and take action to avoid frustrated customers, you can set the email notification to trigger as it happens or as a daily digest.

Post-Shipping Automation

TrackShip updates your orders with any shipment status event and changes the order status to Delivered once the shipments are delivered to your customers. This also signals to you and your staff that the order is delivered and allows you to set up automated marketing campaigns based on the delivery date.

A Branded Tracking Page on Your Store

Keep your customers close; instead of sending them to the carrier’s tracking page, TrackShip directs your customers to a branded tracking page on your store. Customize the tracking widget to fit your branding and add shipping information, upsell and more and engage your customers after shipping.

Keep Your Customers Happy and Informed

Your customers are binge watching their tracking status. Give them the constant, detailed updates they’re looking for! Send automatic Email and SMS updates based on the shipment status, e.g. in transit, out for delivery, delivered or has an exception…

Analyze Shipping & Delivery Performance

Analyze shipping and delivery performance, with tracking data straight from your store’s dashboard. Use the shipping and delivery statistics generated from your tracking data, to report on progress and to identify any areas for improvement.

What’s included?

  • Shipments Dashboard
  • Filter orders by shipment status
  • Tracking Page on your store
  • Shipment Status & Delivery Notifications
  • Tracking widget on emails
  • Fully Customizable Email Templates
  • Custom Order Status “Delivered”
  • Post-Shipping order status automation
  • Shipment status and Est. delivery displays on the orders admins
  • White Label Tracking Page widget
  • View order page display (tracking page widget)
  • Tracking Analytics widget

How does it work?

  1. Signup for a TrackShip account
  2. Connect your WooCommerce stores with TrackShip API
  3. Setup TrackShip on your store, enable the tracking page and shipment status & Delivery updates.
  4. Seat back and relax, TrackShip will Auto-track your Fulfilled orders and proactively update your orders whenever there is an update in the shipment tracking status, until the shipments are delivered to your customers.


For more information, check out our Documentation


  • TrackShip account
  • WooCommerce REST API enabled
  • SSL Certificate – you must have secured site (HTTPS) to connect TrackShip to your store
  • Pretty permalinks – navigate to Settings > Permalinks and make sure that the permalink structure is based on Post Name (TrackShip can’t work with the Plain option)
  • Shipment Tracking Pugin (see compatibility)


TrackShip will track orders when you add tracking numbers using one of the following shipment tracking extensions for WooCommerce:

integration with other WooCommerce plugins:

  • SMS for WooCommerce – Send automatic SMS updates for shipment status & delivery via Twilio, Nexmo or ClickSend
  • Checkout for WooCommerce – Add Tracking Page widget to the Order received page when its set to be the view order page
  • AutomateWoo – use the “Delivered” custom order status to trigger marketing automation based on the order delivery date.


Check out TrackShip for WooCommerce documentation for more details on how to set up and work with TrackShip



What is a Shipment Tracker?

A shipment tracks one tracking number from the time it’s shipped until it has been delivered, no matter how many status events were created during its life cycle.

What if I have multiple stores?

You can add each one to TrackShip and you’ll pay one price based on the combined monthly order volume of all your stores. One subscription for all your WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

Will TrackShip affect my site’s performance?

Not at all. When you fulfill an order, the shipping information is sent to TrackShip and it does all the heavy-lifting for you, we check the status of the shipment with the shipping provider every few hours and we update your store whenever there is an update in the status, and it does not impacts your load time in any way.

Do I need a developer to connect TrackShip to my store?

Absolutely not! You can easily connect your store with TrackShip in a few simple steps and start enjoying a branded tracking experience in less than 10 minutes..

I connected my store but the shipment status is not showing for my orders

The trigger to auto-track shipments by TrackShip is to add tracking to order and change the order status from Processing to Shipped (Completed). TrackShip will not automatically track orders that were Shipped before you connected your store.
You can trigger these orders to TrackShip by using the Get Shipment Status option on the WooCommerce orders admin in the bulk actions menu.

My store is connected but many of my orders still show “Connection error” shipment status

These messages are from before you connected your store, TrackShip auto-track shipments when you change the order status from Processing to Shipped (Completed).
TrackShip will not automatically track orders that were shipped when you had a connection issue.
You can trigger these orders to TrackShip by using the Get Shipment Status option on the WooCommerce orders admin in the bulk actions menu.

How often do you check for tracking status updates?

TrackShip checks the shipment status with the shipping providers APIs every 2-4 hours. We check for updates more often once the package is in the “unknown” status, until the first tracking event is received from the providers API and when the shipment is out for delivery.

Which shipping providers (carriers) do you support?

TrackShip supports 300+ shipping providers around the globe ,if you can find your carrier on our supported shipping providers list, you can suggest a shipping provider here

Do you show the shipment status for orders on WooCommerce admin?

Yes, TrackShip adds a Shipment Status column on your orders admin and displays the shipment tracking status, last update date and the Est Delivery Date for every order that you shipped after connecting your store.

If a shipment Tracker returns no result, does it count?

It doesn’t. When a shipment tracker is not supported by TrackShip or returned Unknown the Shipment tracker isn’t counted in your trackers balance.

Do you offer Free Trials?

Yes, When you sign up for your TrackShip account, you’ll get a free 50 shipments monthly plan, once you finish your trial balance, you can sign up for a paid subscription in order to continue to track additional shipments.

Will I be charged when my free shipment trackers are finished?

No. You can fully test out TrackShip and all the features with the free trial Trackers without adding a credit card. It is completely up to you if you would like to carry on using TrackShip after your trial has ended).


دجنبر 1, 2021
I started using TrackShip a few weeks back and i'm really happy with this service, the set up was quick and easy (just a few minutes), it automatically tracks my orders until delivery, my customers get proactive updates whenever there is any change in their shipping status and I can see all my open shipments inside my WooCommerce store where I manage orders and I do not need to go to check statuses in the carrier website! and the best thing is that it reduced the amount on shipping inquires in half!! Thank you TrackShip for doing such a great job!`
نونبر 2, 2021
Integrates beautifully with their corresponding AST software. We pay for both and it's working well. The developer cares for his customers and you can feel the passion for the plugins from reading their website documentation which is helpful, simple and covers everything you need to know. This is like Aftership for the modern store! If you want something to work very well then you have to pay the modest fee for that to happen. It's a shame a lot of the AST reviewers can't get on board with that concept.
يونيو 30, 2021
Works well with woocommerce, has a neat dashboard and analytics. Still a new plugin but no issues at all. Great start for Zorem team to separate AST from Trackship. Their support is amazing too. Keep up the good work guys. Looking forward to more features within this plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“TrackShip for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.2.2 – 2021-11-22

  • Dev – Tracking page footer branding link changed
  • Dev – Add show_est_delivery_date filter for remove Est delivery date from email.
  • Dev – Remove h1 tag from tracking page’s shipment status.
  • Dev – Access given to show TrackShip Dashboard for free user
  • Dev – If Est delivery date is not available in that case in SMS {est_delivery_date} variable replace as N/A
  • Dev – Design update for store is disconnected
  • Fix – Fixed email widget customizer warning

1.2.1 – 2021-11-09

  • Dev – 3 new(Fast2sms, MSG91, SMS Alert) SMS provider added
  • Dev – Compatibility added with Product vendor plugin
  • Fix – Fixed issue when late shipment days in settings is not set
  • Fix – Fixed shipping item issue in TPI delivered email
  • Dev – Translations updated.
  • Dev – Tested with WC 5.9

1.2 – 2021-10-26

  • Enhancement – new TrackShip menu added in WordPress
  • Enhancement – TrackShip dashboard added in TrackShip menu
  • Enhancement – FullFillment Shipment moved into TrackShip menu
  • Enhancement – TrackShip Settings moved into TrackShip menu
  • Dev – option added in delivered SMS/email notifications when all shipment are delievred then send SMS/email notification
  • Enhancement – Design updated for Tracking form
  • Enhancement – Design updated for Settings
  • Enhancement – More info popup improved
  • Enhancement – design improved with RTL
  • Enhancement – Filter by Shipping provider added in TrackShip Shipment
  • Fix – Fixed issue when SMS provider not selected and SMS notification is on for shipment status
  • Fix – Fixed design issue in delivered email in simple progress bar
  • Fix – Fixed html issue in tracking detail in tracking page
  • Dev – Order note updated when shipment status change
  • Dev – Tested with WC 5.8.0
  • Dev – Tested with WP 5.8.1

1.1.5 – 2021-09-08

  • Dev – Est. delivery date added in Shipment Dashboard
  • Enhancement – Design updated for Shipment dashboard
  • Enhancement – Design updated TrackShip Settings
  • Dev – Late shipment notifications moved into admin notification
  • Fix – Fixed issue in TrackShip Analytics
  • Fix – Fixed issue for email widget customizer
  • Dev – Improved track button functionality in order admin and edit order page
  • Enhancement – Design updated Email customizer
  • Enhancement – Design updated Tracking widget and Email widget customizer
  • Dev – new section added in email customizer for email widget design
  • Dev – Improvement in WC admin notice
  • Dev – Improved Shipment SMS Placeholders compatibility with WooCommerce Shipment tracking plugin
  • Dev – Improved order note in edit order page for Shipment SMS
  • Dev – Translations updated.

1.1.4 – 2021-08-23

  • Dev – design update for tracking widget
  • Dev – design update for shipment status email
  • Dev – design update for shipment tracking page

1.1.3 – 2021-08-18

  • Dev – design update for tracking widget
  • Dev – design update for shipment status email
  • Dev – {shipping_first} and {shipping_last} variable added in shipment status SMS
  • Dev – Tested with WC 5.6

1.1.1 – 2021-08-11

  • Fix – Fixed issue for trackship pro user in TrackShip shipment and sms notifications

1.1 – 2021-08-10

  • Enhancement – Trackship analytics added into the WordPres Analytics
  • Enhancement – Design updated
  • Dev – Trackship settings added into the WooCommerce menu
  • Dev – {shipping_first} and {shipping_last} variable added in SMS notifications
  • Fix – fixed issue in delivered shipment status email content
  • Fix – improvement in late shipment email – 2021-07-26

  • Fix – Fixed issue in shipment status SMS send

1.0.8 – 2021-07-23

  • Dev – Create trackship shipment table for analytics and shipment
  • Fix – Fixed issue in shipment email for tracking per item order
  • Enhancement – SMSWOO functionality added
  • Dev – add popup for trackship pro
  • Dev – Late shipment functionality improved
  • Dev – Tracking page customizer improved
  • Dev – Tested with WC 5.5.1
  • Dev – Tested with WP 5.8

1.0.7 – 2021-07-02

  • Dev – remove analytics widget from dashboard
  • Enhancement – Design updated in Shop order page
  • Dev – add popup for more info shipment status in shop order
  • Dev – add compatibility with Custom order number plugins in shipment email subject
  • Dev – Translation updated

1.0.6 – 2021-06-26

  • Fix – Fixed fatal error in dashboard shipments

1.0.5 – 2021-06-25

  • Enhancement – Design updated
  • Dev – Tracking widget email moved into tracking widget customizer
  • Dev – progress bar added in shipment email
  • Dev – option added for delete old tracking event
  • Dev – Analytics widget by dates (30 days, 7 days, Today)
  • Dev – Active shipment dashboard added.

1.0.4 – 2021-06-11

  • Enhancement – Design updated
  • Dev – TrackShip menu added in WordPress, removed from WooCommerce
  • Dev – hook added in shipment status email.
  • Dev – Improvement in Tracking page preview
  • Dev – Dashboard menu added in WP
  • Dev – Improvement in dashboard tab
  • Fix – Fixed issue in look when dark background in tracking widget
  • Enhancement – Design updated in shipment email
  • Dev – Improvement in shop order page and edit order page
  • Dev – Translations updated.
  • New – Map shipping provider functionality added.
  • Dev – Tested with WC 5.4.1


  • Dev – Order note added for TrackShip, when tracking information sent to TrackShip and shipment status change
  • Improved UI/UX – Shipment Tracking Column on orders admin list
  • Improvement – TrackShip dashboard improved
  • Dev – add track link to Shipment Tracking Column on orders admin list
  • Dev – Improvement in tracking page popup.
  • Fix – Tracking Widget Customizer – Show Only Last Event (was showing 2 last events)
  • Fix – Shipment status filter issue solved and fixed when in settings close for shipment status filter
  • Fix – in AST when click on tab link changed
  • Twick – Tracking Page Widget on thank you Page – Always show “last event” view.


  • Fix – Tracking Page link fixed in completed email


  • Dev – translations updated.
  • Improvement – tracking-form css updates.


  • Initial version.