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Timetics is an advanced booking plugin for WordPress. You can create and manage online schedules and unlimited appointments with Timetics. Integration of stripe payment gateways makes it easy to get paid smoothly.

You can use the shortcode to add your schedule to any page. Your customers can book appointments, and Timetics also allows you to add bookings manually.

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👍 Use this unique Appointments Booking Plugin and sell your schedule online. It will be helpful for coaches, consultants, mentors, teachers, and so on. If you want to manage your schedule online, Timetics is the plugin, you need now!

⭐ Timetics Features – Create Meetings & Appointments, Track Meetings on Calendar, Charge Appointment Invitees, Do Virtual Meetings, and More

From creating meetings to receiving payments from customers/clients – everything is possible through Timetics. Take a quick look at all the features of Timetics and take the first step to reach new heights with your business.

👉 Unlimited Meetings
Sky is the boundary while taking new participants in any meeting. It allows for an unlimited number of meetings to be scheduled, with no limit on the number of participants or the duration of the meetings.

👉 Unlimited Bookings
For any meeting, you can take unlimited booking. This is the way, you can take numbers of customers depending on your business. And the best part is, you don’t need to spend extra for taking unlimited booking.

👉 Unlimited Staff Members
You can add as many staff/team members you need for your business and you won’t need to pay any extra dime for that. Inviting your staff/team members is also very easy.

👉 One-to-One Meetings
In Timetics, you can easily arrange One-to-One meetings through Google Meet or in any location Time-Zone you prefer. You can set meeting duration, appointment price, meeting time, and you or your staff/team member’s availability as well. Check our documentation on One-to-One Meetings to know the full procedure.

👉 Team Memebrs Management
There is no need to be concerned if your company employs a large number of people. You can add an unlimited number of team members based on your requirements. Everyone will have a dedicated profile for each team member’s profile.

👉 Sales Analytics
Analytics is one of the important part for any business. From the Timetics analytics, you can see the performance of your business at a glance.

👉 Email Notification Staff
While you will add a new members at your meeting, your staff member will get an update email. They need to click on the given link to confirm their memebership.

👉 Email Notification Customer
Automatic updates help the admin save time and make it easy to manage meetings and bookings. The feature allows you to send an update to the meeting attendee automatically from the Timetics system. See how it works: Documentation

👉 Google Meet Integration
Manage your online meeting with the most popular and free meeting platform Google Meet. The easy integration allow you to create and manage your bookings with Google Meet Integration easily.

👉 Google Calendar Integration
Simplify schedule management with the most popular calendar, Google Calender Inetgration. It allows you to easily keep your calendar in sync across all devices by linking your Google calendar account, ensuring that all your scheduled meetings and events are up-to-date.

👉 Stripe Payments Integration
Stripe is a popular online payment processing and commerce solution for internet businesses of all sizes. You can take appointment payments using Stripe payment gateways on your website. Enable this by following this documentaion to make your payment system most customer-friendly.

👉 WooCommerce Integration
Now you can receive payments through WooCommerce along side Stripe and Local Payment options. Just follow the instructions given in our documentation on WooComerce Payment Integration and you will be all set.

👉 Availability Management
It allows you to manage your schedule by setting your availability status from your profile settings, checking your schedule, and booking meetings at convenient times. It also enables you to share your availability with others and schedule meetings quickly and easily.

👉 Date and time format support
Timetics support different date formate. You can add different time in your booking. Also both twelve hours and twenty four hours formate supported now.

👉 Added additional notes on booking
Taking notes is always important. Specially if it’s appointment and booking related meeting, then taking additional notes can help a lot. Timetics let’s your cutomers add notes as per their neccessity.

👉 Booking status show in booking list
You can show the booking status in booking list. The feature is helpful for managing booking easily.

👉 Shortcodes
If you want to add meeting lists and booking form on your website with the least amount of hassle, Timetics Shortcodes are here to save your day and time. More shortcodes features are coming too.

⭐ [Timetics Pro](https://arraytics.com/timetics/?utm_source=wordpress_description&utm_medium=embedded_link&utm_campaign=timetics_wordpress_org) Special Features

Enjoy the exclusive features of Timetics Pro and take your business to the next level. With Timetics Pro, you will have all the flexibilities you need. Take a look at all the exclusive features Timetics Pro Offers.

👉 One-to-Many Meeting Type (Pro)
At Timetics pro, meeting type one to many feature is available. It allows the admin to host special meeting where host will be one but participants can be one or more. This is one of the ideal meeting type, ussually called one to many, for class room, online group hangout, technical consultancy.

👉 One-to-Many Meetings with Seat Plan (Pro)
You can sell visual placement based ticket with Timetics Pro. The visual seat plan feature is now ready to help you selling conferce ticket, salun booking, theater hall booking and much more. Once admin allows, the users can choose the best seat and location for their needs. You can also use this visual seating plan feature to create a visual seat map for your restaurant as well.
Other important features added at Timetics recently:
👉 Filter on booking entry
👉 Filter for meeting data

👉 Customizable Booking Form
Getting to know about the case of the client/customer before the meeting can save a lot of time at the meeting. Now, you can add custom fields to the booking form. With it, you can seve a lot of time at the meeting and make the time as effective as possible.

👉 Zoom Integration
We know that a lot of you are more comfortable using Zoom over Google Meet. Zoom has many useful features that Google Meet doesn’t have. That is why we have integrated Zoom so that you can go on with your virtual meetings and utilize all the exclusive features of Zoom by integrating Zoom with Timetics.

👉 FluentCRM Integration
No matter what business you do, Email marketing is very essential to keep the business going. That is why, we have integrated FluentCRM with Timetics. Now, you can run your business operations all from a single platform. Read our documentation to know how you can integrate FluentCRM with Timetics.

👉 iCal Integration
After integrating Google Calendar, we integrated iCal into Timetics. Now, apart from Google Calendar, you can also keep track of your future meetings on iCal as well. You can check out the documentation for iCal Integration to know how to enable it.

👉 Outlook Calendar Integration
You will now be able to keep track of your meetings with Microsoft Outlook Calendar as well. Check out our documentation on how you can integrate Microsoft Outlook Calendar with Timetics to know the full procedure.

👉 Pabbly Integration
With Pabbly you can integrate services and automate multiple software to your website in a way that data can be transferred among them smoothly. This will make your workflow smooth as butter. Give our documentation a read to know how you can integrate Pabbly into Timetics.

👉 Zapier Integration
Zapier is an online platform that can help you to automate your workflow by connecting the apps and services you use. You can get your automated booking forms submitted through Zapier and everything will be easy for you to operate. Read our documentation on how to integrate Zapier with Timetics to get a step-by-step guide.

⭐ Features coming at Timetics

The Timetics team is working on multiple features. Here are some of them. You can have a look.

👉 Artificial Intelligence
Its the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and as a booking management plugin of this era, Timetics won’t fall behind. We are working to make Timetics the AI powered booking and appointment management plugin.

👉 Reschedule Appointments
There are times when you need to reschedule an appointment due to unavoidable reasons. With this feature, you can change the schedule of any appointments with ease.

👉 User Dasboard
A user dashboard will be added so that a users will be able to see their total interactions on the website.

👉 Automated WhatsApp/Telegram Notification & Reminders to Staff and Clients
Users will be able to send and receive notifications through WhatsApp and Telegra on meeting updates and reminders.


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  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/timetics directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> Timetics


ماي 24, 2023
It works fine, has a intuitive interface and good logic behind. I'm not a programmer, so I can't comment about the quality of coding, but so far so good - no conflicts or errors. Many features are under development as I can see in your roadmap, but please reevaluate priorities since some important points are "in discussion" (like recurring appointments, buffer time, user dashboard and profile...) In my opinion these are more important than niche solutions, for example) Overall this is a very promising solution! Waiting also for SaaS version!
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Contributors & Developers

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= 1.0.5 ( May 28, 2023 )=
New : WooCommerce Integration
Tweak: Field rearrange in the meeting creation
Fix : Available booking slot is not working properly on current date
Fix : Couldn’t redirect to admin dashboard after skiping staff integration

= 1.0.4 ( May 13, 2023 )=
* Tweak: Added new hook for calendar settings on frontend
* Tweak: ptimize icon component
* Fix : Time Format issue fixed

= 1.0.3 ( April 12, 2023 )=
Tweak: Admin UI improvement
Fix: Date issue fix in frontend

= 1.0.2 ( April 3, 2023 )=
Added: Added filter on booking entry
Added: Added Phone number field in frontend
Added: Added filter for meeting data
Fix : Booking Confirmation mail sending issue
Fix : Total earnings showing wrong value
Fix : Coudn’t send google meet link when booking create
Fix : Email template jonning link updated
Tweak: Location type
Tweak: Updated meeting price
Tweak: Updated post property
Tweak: Added filter on meeting timeslot
Tweak: Added meeting type for filtering
Tweak: Refactoring post model

= 1.0.1 ( February 13, 2023 )=
Added: date and time format support
Added: Meeting list shortcode added
Added: Added additional notes on booking
Added: Booking status show in booking list.
Tweak: Added location on booking
Tweak: Added location type on booking
Tweak: Added default booking status from admin settings
Tweak: Added default currency on admin settings
Tweak: Added start of week on localize for frontend
Tweak: Shortcodes page design improvement
Tweak: Create meeting location improvement.
Tweak: All table responsive improvement.
Tweak: Front-end booking part responsive improvement.
Fix : Deprecated error on google calendar for php8
Fix : Input field focus issue fixed.
Fix : Stripe payment error handle to front-end.

= 1.0.0 ( January 30, 2023 )=
– initial release