SRS Simple Hits Counter

Simple plugin to count and show a total number of hits (Unique visitors or page-views)…

Atif N 10,000+ active installations Tested with 5.3.9 Updated سنة واحدة ago


Shows the WP site administrator how many visits per page per day to their WP…

Morgan Jassen 200+ active installations Tested with 4.7.21 Updated 5 سنوات ago

DX2 Post Hit Counter

A lightweight counter to track the number of hits on all posts on the website.

Dan Hastings 200+ active installations Tested with 4.7.21 Updated 4 سنوات ago

Author Page Views

Author Pageviews is a plugin designed to help CPM monetized content publishers track their individual…

Will Anderson 50+ active installations Tested with 3.3.2 Updated 10 سنوات ago

CP Analytics pro

keywords, Page Referrals, demographics, bounce rate, SEO, conversions, Analytics Plugin, browser sources, Audience Overview, Authentication,…

creativepig Fewer than 10 active installations Updated 5 سنوات ago