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Super Simple Related Posts gives you both a widget and a shortcode to output lists of posts related to the current post. You get to decide how the posts are related (categories, tags, custom taxonomies), what to show (posts, pages, custom post types), and a whole lot more. The widget is configurable via Appearance > Settings and more info on shortcode usage is provided below.

A MIGHTYminnow plugin.


There are tons of related posts plugins out there – here’s why Super Simple Related Posts is special:

  • Speed
    Unlike other related posts plugins, Super Simple Related Posts is super fast. It doesn’t run resource-intensive algorithms on your database and it doesn’t bog down your server. If you’re looking for a plugin that’ll run through all your content and match related posts word-for-word, there are plenty of good ones out there. If you’re looking for a simple, lightning-fast related posts plugin, you’re in the right place.

  • Simplicity
    As it’s name implies, Super Simple Related Posts keeps things as straightforward as possible. This means that you get a simple widget with easily configurable settings to let you do what you gotta’ do.


Whether you use widgets or shortcodes, you can easily configure Super Simple Related Posts with the following settings. These settings are directly configurable in each widget, and can also be controlled with attributes when using shortcodes (for more on shortcode settings, see the “Shortcode” section below).

  • Title
    The title of your widget.

  • Hide Title
    Give you the ability to hide the widget title, particularly useful when using the shortcode.

  • Post Types
    The post types you would like to output, and the order in which you want to display them. This works great with all custom post types.Note: you must specify at least one post type, otherwise no content will be output.

  • Show Posts Related By
    Choose the method by which you want to show related posts. You can choose categories, tags, or any custom taxonomy. This field automatically populates with all available possibilities.

  • Order By
    The criteria by which to order the related posts (e.g., title, date created, author, date modified, etc).

  • Order
    Ascending or descending – take your pick.

  • Number of Posts
    The total number of posts you would like to show in each section.

  • What to do if there are no related posts
    Choose how you would like to handle the situations in which no posts are found. Either hide the contents or display a custom message.

  • Headings
    Options to link and/or hide post type and category/tag/taxonomy headings.

  • Before/After HTML
    A handy feature to let you add custom HTML before and after the widget, in case you want any intro or concluding text.

رمز أختصار

In addition to using SSRP widgets, you can also use the [ssrp] shortcode. Here’s an example:

[ssrp title="My Related Posts" post_types="post, page" number_of_posts="3"]

Here is a list of the available shortcode attributes, which correlate to the settings listed above. Each attribute is listed along with its potential values in quotations, and any default values are listed in parenthesis.

  • title="Any Text" (Related Posts)
  • hide_title="1"
  • post_types="Comma-separated list of post type slugs, in order. E.g. post, page"
  • taxonomy="Taxonomy slug by which to detemine relatedness. E.g. tag" (category)
  • orderby="title|name|date|modified|menu_order|author|ID|parent|rand|comment_count" (date)
  • order="ASC|DESC" (DESC)
  • number_of_posts="Any number" (-1, unlimited)
  • include_featured_image="1"
  • exclude_duplicates="1"
  • no_posts_action="hide|message" (hide)
  • no_posts_message="Any text" (No posts found)
  • post_heading_links="1"
  • hide_post_type_headings="1"
  • term_heading_links="1"
  • hide_term_headings="1"
  • before_HTML="Any HTML/text"
  • after_HTML="Any HTML/text"


Super Simple Related Posts also provides you with a handy set of filters you can use for your own development and customization:

  • ssrp_post_title( $post_title, $post_id )
    Applied to the title of each related post, within the surrounding <a></a> tags.

  • ssrp_post_link( $post_link, $post_id )
    Applied to the linked title of each related post, outside the surrounding <a></a> tags. This is useful for adding a prefix/font-icon before the linked title.

  • ssrp_posts_list( $post_ul, $post_type_object, $taxonomy_term_object )
    Applied to the <ul> lists of related posts for a given custom post type and category/tag/taxonomy.

  • ssrp_taxonomy_term_heading( $taxonomy_term_name, $taxonomy_term_object )
    Applied to the category/tag/taxonomy term headings, within the surrounding <a></a> tags if the headings are set to be linked.

  • ssrp_post_type_heading( $post_type_name, $post_type_object )
    Applied to the post type headings, within the surrounding <a></a> tags if the headings are set to be linked.

Banner photo by Susannah Kay.


  • The Super Simple Related Posts widget.
  • Sample output showing posts, pages, and custom post type 'Case Studies' related by Categories.


Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire /super-simple-related-posts-widget directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Super Simple Related Posts Widget through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


دجنبر 16, 2016
This is absolutely one of the best related posts plugins. It supports custom post types and a host of other options. You might need to style the output a bit, but that is something I want to do myself anyway. Clean and simple. Love it!
شتنبر 3, 2016
The title of the plugin is a bit deceptive: this is definitely the type of plugin that requires patience to figure out. To some extent this comes with the territory: it has so many features that it would be strange if it was really as simple as the title suggests. However, it would be nice if the widget worked at the default settings (and no, it does not).
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Contributors & Developers

“Super Simple Related Posts” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix title sanitization function to prevent 500 error when saving the widget.


  • Update faulty translation slugs.


  • Remove duplicate plugin file.


  • Remove debugging ID’s appearing after post links.


  • Add functionality to exclude duplicate posts that would otherwise be included across multiple taxonomy terms.
  • Add in Grunt build for improved output.
  • Improve translations.


  • Add __() translation call for previously untranslated string.
  • Updated .po/.mo files.


  • Added ability to include featured images


  • Added shortcode functionality!
  • Add ability to hide the title (hide_title).


  • Added missing closting bracket } to main PHP file that was causing PHP end of file error and duplicated post type output.


  • First release