ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu


ShiftNav is an awesome mobile menu for WordPress. It looks and acts like native app off-canvas slide-out menus for popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

ShiftNav Demo – see how it works

Get started: ShiftNav Quick Setup Guide

Feature Overview

  • Native App-Style Menus
  • Automatic Integration
  • Light & Dark Skins
  • Works with the WordPress Menu System
  • Touch-enabled
  • CSS3 Transitions produce smooth animations on mobile devices
  • Configurable


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Browser Compatibility

ShiftNav will open with a slide transition with browsers that support it. For browsers that don’t fully support CSS3 transforms, the menu will fall back to non-animated open/close functionality.


Install ShiftNav just like any other WordPress plugin.

Full Installation & Setup Instructions


Detailed documentation and FAQs can be found here: ShiftNav Knowledgebase

How do I get started?

Please see the ShiftNav Quick Setup Guide


مارس 14, 2019
So I tried out the free version, and after 10 minutes realized it was the best mobile nav solution in the WordPress plugin marketplace, and purchased the pro version for $15 - an amount I'm happy to pay to support the developer. Such a well thought-out and great functioning and looking solution. The pro version brought some extra cool features like a accordion nav and more. Keep up the great work!
فبراير 4, 2019
I tested the plugin and it worked well. You see that a lot of attention has been paid to it. Because I wanted to have it right at once and needed some small adjustments I went for the PRO version. As I later translated my website and looked for technical support, the support immediately helped and they took the time to solve my problems. All respect to Sevensparks. Worth the money.
دجنبر 17, 2018
Just that. I'm a pro-version user for a long time now and I need to say that the plugin does exactly what I was looking for from the beggining and the support is phenomenal (Chris is as polite/helpful as effective).
غشت 7, 2018
Chris is the MAN when it comes to support. He gets back to you immediately with a fully detailed email of what he has found out and how to fix. ShiftNav is a great plugin. It is very easy to install and you can customize it to look anyway you would like. Thanks!!
نونبر 2, 2017
Very easy to use and does exactly as described. Just the ticket for one of my client sites.
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Contributors & Developers

“ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Feature: Disable Submenu setting
  • Feature: Added ‘shiftnav_op’ filter
  • Enhancement: Add auto-gap even if no breakpoint is set
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Display connection errors if trouble communicating with update server
  • Update: Add $depth parameter to nav_menu_link_attributes filter
  • Update: Add $depth parameter to nav_menu_css_class filter


  • Feature: Added shiftnav_main_toggle_icon_class filter
  • Feature: Added shiftnav_main_toggle_content filter
  • Enhancement: Better defenses against meddling themes
  • Enhancement: Show re-activate license message when license status is inactive
  • Enhancement: Set font size explicitly in stylesheets to eliminate shrinking font size inheritance
  • Fix: Typo

  • Fix: For new toggle padding CSS insertion compatibility enhancement, make sure it can work even if an optimizer externalizes the ShiftNav head style tag


  • [Pro] Feature: Setting to choose the open and close icons for accordion menus
  • Enhancement: Add body padding-top via a CSS style tag rather than directly applying styling to the body node, to improve compatibility with other themes/plugins controlling the body tag


  • [Pro] Feature: Configure whether to automatically generate each secondary instance or not
  • [Pro] Feature: Improved license updater to allow for re-checking and re-registration when necessary, and show expiration date
  • Enhancement: Touch-off close setting now applies to search dropdown as well as menu panel
  • Security hardening: Rewrite fragment handling to remove potential DOM-based (client-side) XSS (thanks, Martin Hall!)


  • Enhancement: Reorganize code to better handle deferred and async javascript
  • Enhancement: Add disable_content attribute to shiftnav_toggle shortcode
  • Enhancement: Don’t throw error when there’s an invalid hash string

  • UX Enhancement: Main toggle now closes open secondary menu
  • jQuery 3 Compatibility Enhancement: Change .size() calls to .length
  • Fix: Remove extraneous closing tag when using UberMenu Menu Segments in ShiftNav

  • Fix: Properly handle UberMenu Menu Segments when they have been renamed by the user and using multiple segments


  • Update: Update Font Awesome icons to 4.7


  • Feature: Hamburger only toggle
  • Feature: Transparent/overlapping toggle background
  • Feature: RTL support
  • Feature: Handle UberMenu Menu Segments (optionally)
  • Enhancement: Configurable Back Button text
  • Enhancement: jQuery 3 compatibility
  • Enhancement: Make sure WP Admin Bar is layered on top when hovered
  • Enhancement: Update Font Awesome to latest version
  • Enhancement: Translations can be set in wp-content/languages folder
  • Enhancement: Enable or Disable Gap override
  • Enhancement: Stronger CSS resets to try to avoid styles from badly coded themes
  • Various minor enhancements: admin bar line height, remove divs inside spans, remove ShiftNav waiting to load message (use window.load fallback), better arrangement/order of settings,

  • [Pro] Feature: Disable Text on individual menu items (can use Icon only items now)

  • [Pro] Feature: Search shortcode post_type now configurable
  • [Pro] Feature: Custom Icon Class setting for using custom icon sets
  • [Pro] Feature: Login/logout shortcodes
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Add Display Panel Close Button setting to secondary instances
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Allow Back Button to appear at top of Shift submenus optionally
  • [Pro] Enhancement: Styled user profile for use in Toggle Bar


  • Feature: Control setting via Customizer to take advantage of live preview
  • Feature: Added optional Close button inside menu panel
  • Feature: Independent hamburger button size setting
  • Feature: Reset settings for each settings tab
  • Feature: Added option to switch back button tag to span rather than anchor (to avoid interference from themes like Avada)
  • Enhancement: Base submenu determination on child array rather than class to avoid being broken by themes that strip out core WordPress menu classes
  • Enhancement: Allow non-px to be used for the Toggle Breakpoint, if desired
  • Enhancement: Updated Font Awesome to v4.5
  • Enhancement: Added additional notices in setting descriptions for clarity.
  • Enhancement: Make loading more robust by falling back to window.load in case another script throws an error on document.ready
  • Enhancement: Allow shortcodes in Image Link settings
  • Enhancement: Handle child items of disabled items
  • Enhancement: Avoid gap when opening menu panel

  • Update to properly handle ignoring UberMenu advanced items and displaying their child items

  • Enhancement: Improved scrolling on Android with latest version of Chrome
  • Enhancement: Clear license data when deleted
  • Fix: ScrollTo JS quotes corner case

  • 1.3 deployment was missing /assets directory


  • Feature: Fixed Toggle Buttons
  • Feature: Default Toggle Styles
  • Feature: ShiftNav Wrapper setting to define pre-existing shift wrapper
  • Feature: Icon toggled class
  • Feature: Ignore UberMenu Advanced items in ShiftNav, but still display child items
  • Feature: Display ShiftNav only on mobile devices
  • Feature: Allow shortcodes in Navigation Labels
  • Feature: Ability to disable transforms
  • Feature: Automatically auto play videos after shiftnav-wrap is added
  • Feature: Fire shiftnav-loaded event
  • Feature: Scroll To Offset setting
  • Feature: Setting to make toggle entire bar vs just button
  • Feature: Touch-off close as configurable setting
  • Enhancement: Layer ShiftNav over admin bar
  • Enhancement: Multiple breakpoint pixel widths rather than percentages
  • Enhancement: Better UberMenu Conditionals compatibility
  • Enhancement: Load ShiftNav after UberMenu
  • Enhancement: When the main toggle bar is disabled, don’t push down the WP Admin bar
  • Enhancement: Padding tweaks
  • Enhancement: Whitelist Android browsers rather than blacklist
  • Enhancement: Avoid unintended opening with erroneous touchEnd events
  • Enhancement: Make sure centered toggled bar content doesn\’t overlap toggle icon
  • Enhancement: Prevent swipe-open above breakpoint


  • Feature: Disable item setting
  • Feature: Hide UberMenu setting
  • Feature: UberMenu 3 Conditionals support
  • Feature: Setting to kill filters from bad themes
  • Feature: Set main toggle absolute or fixed
  • Feature: Optional close button when menu is open
  • Enhancement: Hide menu on IE7-8
  • Enhancement: Improve ShiftNav toggle compatibility with admin bar
  • Enhancement: Remove line height from shiftnav-wrap class
  • Enhancement: Remove scrollbar when content is short


  • Improved mobile device detection to fallback on devices that don’t support CSS3 transforms


  • Added unsaved changes alert to menu item in Menus Panel
  • Updated admin styles to work better in Firefox.
  • Allow shortcodes, HTML in toggle content
  • Added spacing in Menu Panel when settings panel is active
  • Added non-transform option (disable “Shift Body”)
  • Fixed overflow scrolling and dragging on iOS
  • Moved menu bars icon depending on whether panel is left or right
  • Added Custom CSS Tweaks setting
  • Added active hover state setting
  • Removed disable menu option to avoid confusion (pro only)
  • Added Scroll Lock independently for horizontal and both


  • Added Menu Bar Font Size Setting
  • Automatically enlarge toggle font size below 960px
  • Added Indent Always Visible Submenus option (per menu)
  • Added Smooth Scrolling on iOS
  • Added ability to disable menu
  • Added menu item size adjustments (global)
  • Added Disable Link ability


Initial Beta Release