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SamedayCourier Shipping



This plug-in is intended to implement a new shipping method using the Sameday Courier service. As a store owner, after installing the plugin, you are able to import the list of Sameday Courier
service and delivery points assigned to your account. If your customer chooses the order to be delivered with Sameday Courier, you will be able to see this in the list of commands in your store’s
administration panel. You will also be able to create an AWB. You can then add a new parcel in the created AWB and show the AWB as a pdf format. If you want, you can show the AWB history or delete the AWB.

For further information, contact us at software[at] !


  • Config Sameday Courier shipping method
  • Import Sameday Courier pickup-points
  • Import Sameday Courier services
  • Import Sameday Courier lockers
  • Show AWB as PDF format
  • Add new parcel in AWB
  • Show AWB status and summary


Initial configuration for the plugin

In order to set up the plugin, you need to provide the following information (please refer to screenshot 1 – Initial configuration for the plugin):

  • Go to plugin’s Settings
  • Title = The title that it will be displayed on your website
  • Username = Username provided by Sameday as result of enrolling to our services
  • Password = Password provided by Sameday as result of enrolling to our services
  • Default label format = The format of paper (e.g. A4) for creating the awbs
  • Is testing = If checked, the plugin will be set in development mode. This feature is intended to test services. Should not be checked on production environment

    NOTE: Each environment (eg. test/production) has a different set of credentials. Be sure to use the set of credentials corresponding to selected environment

  • Use estimated cost = The cost that it will be displayed for each of the services. Options: never (fixed price – refer to Edit Service form), always (estimated by Sameday). For extra information regard to these options, please refer to the screenshot 1

  • Extra fee = Extra fee, defined in percentage value, which will be applied on top of the estimated cost provided by Sameday
  • Open package status = Allow the clients to open the package in the moment of delivery in order to check the conformity of the delivered product(s)
  • Open package label = This text will be displayed on the checkout page in order to ask them if they would like to open the package on delivery. Please refer to the previous option (Open package status)
  • Locker max. items = The maximum amount of items accepted inside the locker

Update services, pickup-points & lockers

To use the plugin, you need to get the available services (see screenshot 2 for details).

  • In the settings page, click on the button Services
  • Click on the button Refresh services

Now the list of services should be populated.

NOTE: The same procedure should be applied for pickup-points and lockers.

Enabling services

By default, all the services fetched using the previous indications are disabled. Thus, you need to enable those that you want to provide to your clients (please refer to screenshot 3).

  • From the services page click on the service name to start editing
  • Service name = The name that it will be displayed to your clients on the checkout page (see screenshot 5 for more details)
  • Price = Fixed price for this service. This is the delivery price that the clients will pay if they choose this delivery service
  • Free delivery price = The minimum order price for which the delivery is free of charge. This is a numeric value bigger than 0

NOTE: If you don’t want to apply a free of charge option leave this field blank

  • Status = Enable or disable the service. If enabled, the clients will be able to choose this delivery service

Add shipping method to shipping zone

By default, Sameday operates only in Romania. If you would like to deliver your packages within this shipping zone:

  • Go to WooCommerce Shipping zones
  • Zone Regions= Choose Romania or counties from Romania
  • Click on the button Add shipping method, choose SamedayCourier and save

For more details, please refer to screenshot 4.

Creating an AWB

The AWB is the transport document, created by Sameday, in order to process your transport order.

  • Go to the order page
  • Click on the button Generate AWB
  • In the modal, which originally is pre-completed, you can customize the shipping details (please refer to screenshot 6 for more details)
  • Repayment = The amount that the courier should take from the client in the moment of delivery (e.g. If the order is already paid, the repayment will be 0)
  • Insured value = The amount that should be insured for the given AWB
  • Package weight = The package weight
  • Package length = The package length (optional)
  • Package height = The package height (optional)
  • Package width = The package width (optional)
  • Pickup-point = The location from which the package will be taken
  • Package type = The type of the package predefined by Sameday
  • AWB Payment = Determine who will pay for delivering this package. By default, the site owner
  • Service = A list of enabled services (refer to the Enable services section)
  • Observation = Any text that will be displayed on observation field in AWB
  • Client Reference = Set a unique reference for each AWB. This field can be associated with the id of the order.

A parcel it’s a package of the types predefined by Sameday (Envelope, Parcel, Large Parcel).
Any AWB can have one or more parcels (default one).

After generating the AWB, the admin can add one or more parcels to the same AWB (please refer to screenshot 7).


  • Initial configuration for the plugin
  • Update services
  • Enabling services
  • Add shipping method to shipping zone
  • How clients will choose one of Sameday’s shipping methods
  • Creating an AWB
  • Adding more parcels to the AWB
  • Show AWB History



  • WordPress v6.0 or later
  • WooCommerce v6.1 or later

Plugin installation procedure

  • Open your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins/Installed Plugins menu
  • Press Add new button and then press Upload Plugin.
  • Drag & drop the .zip folder you downloaded and install plugin.

If every thing works, activate plugin and now the new feature are ready to use.

Setup your Plugin

  1. Go to WooCommerce/Settings and choose SamedayCourier tab.
  2. Complete the form and press Save changes. If everything works well you receive a success message.
  3. After that, you are able to import the Services and Pick-up point assigned by Sameday to your account. Go to Service and press “Refresh Service”. The same for pick-up points importing and (optional) for the locker list.
  4. Activate the services by changing the status from “Disabled” to “Always” or “Interval”.
  5. Add the new SamedayCourier shipping method to your Shipping zones. Go to WooCommerce/Settings menu, open the Shipping zones tab. Choose the shipping zone for which you want to use Sameday services and press “Edit” button then press “Add shipping method” and select “SamedayCourier”.

After you have followed all the steps described above, now in the checkout page of your store, your clients are able to see and choose one of the Sameday service.

In the Order page will be displayed a button “Generate awb”. After awb is generated you can show it as pdf format. Also, you can show the history of the awb, add a new parcel or simply remove the awb.


This plugin is free to use ?

Yes! Using this plug-in is free. However, the service offered by our company is based on a contract. The terms and conditions of the contract are negotiated individually.

After signing the contract, the client will receive a set of credentials (username and password). With these credentials, the customer will be able to use the Sameday Courier
delivery service.

Can I make changes to the plugin’s source code ?

Sure. However, keep in mind that if you make changes to the source code of the plugin you can no longer benefit from the updates we make constantly. Because in a situation like this in case of an update your changes would be overwritten.

NOTE: We encourage customers to fork our GitHub repository and contribute with their ideas
Link to Github:

Are all easyBox delivery services available ?

No! For the moment only the service Locker NextDay is available.

I activated the Locker NextDay service, but I don’t see it on the checkout page

The service is only visible for orders that have a single product in the cart. So make sure you don’t have more than one product in your cart.

I use the estimated cost option but the fixed cost appears on the order page

This situation may be due to the fact that the name of the locality does not match our nomenclature of localities.


ماي 29, 2024
Am setat livrare gratuita pentru comenzile de peste 299 lei si tot adaugă costul de livrare. Foarte frustrant cu pluginul asta
مارس 17, 2024
It does not work. Ive added all the details, and the locker map still does not appear
نونبر 29, 2022
Merge pe cel puțin 5 magazine cu configurații și rulaje diferite, fără probleme. Desigur că anumite lucruri se puteau face mai bine (ex. generare awb bulk, transfer automat în platformă de awb, etc.), dar pentru ce este și cât oferă, este net superior față de competiție, iar eu am clienți care contractează serviciile lor pentru că merge, nu te rogi de el (ex. Fan), nu trebuie să plătești abonamente separate (ex. Cargus) sau să te apuci să reinventezi gestiunea din magazin pentru a emite un awb (ex. DPD).
ماي 26, 2022
Disclaimer: Sunt un developer Wordpress de peste 12 ani Pluginul celor de la Sameday este scris foarte prost – probabil de juniori PHP si m-am ingrozit cand m-am uitat in codul pluginului incercand sa repar un bug de-al lor. Sa nu mai zis de SDK-ul lor care este greoi si incomplet. In afara de acest lucru nu merge cum trebuie, modalul cu harta e groaznic si se incarca doar pentru Bucuresti chir daca alegi alt judet, lockerele nu merg bine si generarea de AWB da erori la 1 din 5 incercari. Din fericire exista cateva alternative la pluginul oficial dar din pacate sunt cu bani insa functiile si calitatea codului la testarea celorlalte pluginuri alternative sunt la ani distanta din punct de vedere al calitatii codului si al functionalitatilor
أبريل 8, 2022
with every new version, something breaks. it is either the checkout, or the back side etc. I cannot recommend this to anymore
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  • Bug fix. lockerLastMile issue: LockerLastMile is invalid. (From previous version 1.7.7)
    caused by some inconsistency in the dataType for lockerLastMile.


  • Code refactor. Rearrange the field for displaying the showing map button on the checkout page.


  • Code refactor. Manage issue with undefined data for shipping address.


  • Code refactor. Crossborder validation on shipping rates by country.
  • Code refactor. Reinitialize lockerPlugins when user change address in Checkout.
  • Bug fix. Deal with such type of exception: Uncaught TypeError: round(): Argument #1 ($num) must be of type int|float


  • Code refactor for shipping methods validation.


  • Update Cross-border validation for repayment.


  • Bug fix. Improve Caught exceptions system for awb generation in order to deal with some new edge-cases from our API.


  • Add new feature. Implement Cross-border services XB (For Home delivery Cross border) and XL for (Cross border Locker Services).


  • Bug fix. Fix issue from v1.6.1 (!LockerLastMile is invalid).


  • Add new feature. Automatic weight converter to kg for Sameday standard unit measure.


  • Add new feature. For Locker NextDay Service update delivery address for home delivery with locker address.


  • Add new feature. Add button to Import local all data of your Sameday account such as Services, Pickup point and Lockers.


  • Update Sameday PHP-SDK library.


  • Bug fix. Change name of methods in order to avoid conflicts.


  • Bug fix. Fix the issue caused by conflict with Checkout Field Manager plugin.


  • Fix $ sign notation conflict for using jQuery library.


  • Calculate free price for delivery with or without coupons. Fix floating point issue.


  • Calculate free price for delivery with or without coupons.


  • Bug fix. Fix problem with ajaxComplete.

  • Bug fix. Fix problem for virtual products.


  • Bug fix. Deal with float values (replace casting to float for null values).


  • Bug fix. Deal with float values.


  • Add new feature. Grant permissions to shop_manager in order to generate awb.


  • Add new feature. Open Sameday AWB PDF page as a new tab.


  • Bug fix. Handle undefined settings options.


  • Add new feature. Improve code security by protecting all internal forms with nonce var and validate actions only as administrator.
  • Add samedaycourier-shipping text-domain for translations
  • Resolve issue with custom fields in checkout page


  • Bug fix. Fix Uncaught JsonException: Control character error JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR.


  • Add new feature. Add personal delivery optional service.


  • Bug fix. “repayment fee”, error “wc-ajax=add_to_cart:1”


  • Add new feature. Add repayment fee. You are able to set an extra charge (Optional) to your customers for COD (cash on delivery) service.


  • Bug fix. Fatal error: Uncaught JsonException: Syntax error


  • Bug fix. Track lockers_sync_admin.js file


  • Major release. Refactor code in some legacy part of plugin.
    Add new feature in order that admin be able to change selected LockerId in Generate AWB Form.
    Connecting plugin with eAWB Bulgarian instance.


  • Bug fix. Solve edit service form error.


  • Bug fix. Solve Fatal error: Uncaught JsonException: Syntax error.


  • Major release. Refactor code in order to work with PHP 7.4 version.
    Integrate AddLockerDetails_admin branch in order to show in AWB form the details of selected locker for LN services.
    Rezolve fix init map.
    Do estimate cost only if city and address fields are complete in checkout page.


  • Add new feature. Add username api for lockerPlugins init.


  • Bug fix. Load locker_syncs.js lib only in checkout page.


  • Bug fix. Load locker map only if select LN checkbox.


  • BugFix frontend: Single digit Locker ids were not restored from cookie


  • Load locker map only if select LN checkbox.


  • Add new feature. Show details about selected locker in checkout page.


  • Refresh Sameday Api token after each new auth with another set of user credentials
    (Be aware that when you switch from one user to another you will have to redo the import of services and pick-up points !).


  • Add client ID and country for lockers map.


  • Fixed select2 error. Check if element exist.


  • Set lockers list as a select2 field.


  • Bug fix. Validate if Host Country param is undefined.


  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix. SamedayCourierHelperClass::getHostCountry() must be of the type string.


  • Add new feature. The client can choose if he wants to show SamedayCourier lockerPlugins map in checkout page.
    By Default the plugin shows lockers list as a drop-down field.


  • Add new feature. Integrate ULRs in order to use SamedayCourier Hungarian API.


  • Code improvement. Set AwbRecipientEntityObject with data of client instead of locker data.


  • Bug fix. Set default value for is_testing option. Remove unnecessary variable “$intervals”.


  • Add new feature. Integrate Sameday LockersPlugin library.


  • Bug fix. SamedayCourierHelperClass::getApiUrl() must be of the type string.


  • Code improvement. Remove is_testing options. The env. mode will be setup based on the set of credentials. Remove Sameday service interval.


  • Code improvement. Store Sameday Token into database in order to avoid unnecessary calls to Sameday Auth Method.


  • Bug fix. Avoid package_hash notice.


  • Add new feature. Set maximum amount of items to fit in lockers.


  • Bug fix. Include custom.js file only in checkout page instead of globally.


  • Add new feature. Set a unique reference for each AWB. This field can be associated with the id of the order.


  • Add new feature. Recalculate the estimated cost after payment method is changed.


  • Bug fix. Show AWB History.


  • Group locker list by city. This list will be shown in the checkout page.


  • Before the locality parameter is sent to the cost estimation method, it is parsed to remove its diacritics.


  • Update doc.


  • Add new feature. A new option has been added for the “Use estimated cost” field.
    The admin can choose to display on the site the price of the transit cost calculated by Sameday, only if its value
    exceeds the value of the fixed cost assigned by the admin for each service (exp. Additional km situation).


  • Add new feature. This option allows customers to use the package opening service when their parcels are delivered to them by the courier.
    Usage: In order to implement this new feature in your site, after update plugin you MUST refresh the Service list.


  • Add an improvement. Skip decimal validation on Edit Service menu on “Price” field.


  • Add new feature. Add hyperlink in admin zone that land you to Sameday eAWB platform.


  • Update documentation.


  • Add new feature. Add SamedayCourier shipping method in shipping zone.


  • Bug fix. Show awb history. Catches an exception if no data has been found.


  • Add new feature. Fill “Repayment” field in the “Generate awb” form with the value of total amount of order only if the payment method is set as “COD” otherwise leave value as 0.
    However, you are able to change this value as you want.


  • Bug fix. Estimate cost method.


  • Add new feature. Apply extra fee on expedition estimated cost. This feature is useful for those who wish to apply an additional charge to the transport cost over the transport cost calculated by Sameday for each individual shipment.
    Especially useful for those who have unpaid VAT companies.


  • Bug fix. Error notification. Show an error message details if the awb generation was unsuccessful.


  • Bug fix & code refactor.


  • Bug fix. easyBox id must become required if client choose Locker NextDay service in checkout page before submit the order.


  • Minor update. Show Company name on SamedayCourier Awb if the client fill “company” field with data.


  • Bug fix. Change “Repayment” field validation.


  • Bug fix & code refactor.


  • Bug fix & code refactor.


  • Code improvement. The administrator can change the delivery service before generating the awb regardless of the option chosen by the customer.


  • Change Version iteration from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2


  • SamedayCourier init version.