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RIVIO for WooCommerce


WooCommerce provides a great platform to run your webshop on, so the only question is: do you have an efficient review module? Set up and fully customise RIVIO, the first smart review aggregation solution on your webshop and start utilizing customer voice to make a change in building trust and growing sales.

  • Efficient Post-Purchase E-mail mechanism
  • Share thousands of reviews with RIVIO’s smart review aggregation
  • Google optimization and smart widgets for best SEO performance
  • Single-click installation and inspired support team at hand
  • Social integration and many more smart features to cherry-pick from

Having customer reviews is proven to drive traffic and boost webshop sales by over 10%. They are what 9 out of 10 people look for at first when they find a product they like. But these can be a hassle to collect. More than ever, customers rely on the opinions of others to help them make purchase decisions. Reviews help potential customers feel that they know what they’re getting. They feel that this first hand information is honest, accurate and therefore very useful to them. Reviews build trust and confidence.

Before RIVIO, it took a lot of time to build your product review section and create traction and community around your brand. For new businesses, or businesses that simply haven’t been in the digital space earlier, lack of such a tool can already mean serious disadvantage in sales and profit to companies who have a more competitive price with relevant customer reviews to back it up.

RIVIO is a full service review solution that is built with a special AI based tool, the RIVIO FusionFilter, that allows webshops from all over the world to share real product reviews. This means that any reviews written by other webshop’s customers about any product you’re selling can immediately be displayed after installation on your site as your own. This unique review aggregation feature is a powerful tool for all those who understand the importance and want much more reviews on their shops. RIVIO optimizes review generation costs and efforts and maximizes traffic and sales to your e-commerce site.

Our FREE WooCommerce plugin offers the followings:

  • Smart & efficient review generation by using post-purchase emails;
  • Automated and customizable post purchase follow-up emails reaching optimal results;
  • Thousands of reviews already available in our network powered by the RIVIO FusionFilter solution;
  • Single-click setup and expert customer support;
  • Simple migration from former review service;
  • Seamless integration into your webshop’s design including mobile-optimization;

Plus lot of additional features to cherry-pick from, like:

  • Top analytics and cross-selling statistics for efficient upsell and marketing strategy;
  • SEO optimized operation, including Google AdWords Star Snippet and Google Product Listing;
  • Social integration – easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and all;

…and many more with our development team available to any questions and ideas you had.

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View our demo shop for a live demo of RIVIO at


  • Rivio embed module.
  • Rivio embed module.
  • Post-Purchase emails


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.2.0 or greater
  • WordPress 3.5.1 or greater
  • WooCommerce plugin
  1. Install Rivio from the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate Rivio and click on the Rivio menu in the left side bar of your WordPress admin.
  3. Register an account to Rivio or log in with your existing account.
  4. Customize the Rivio plugin with the different settings you can find on the settings page. Don’t forget to click the update button when you are done.
  5. That’s it. You’re ready to go!


How much does Rivio cost?

Rivio’s starter features are completely free and always will be free. There’s an extended Premium plan available for Rivio, check out the additional features at

How can I hide or delete a review?

To hide unwanted, offensive reviews, just log in to the Rivio dashboard at Click on Disapprove to hide, or click View review -> Delete to remove the review completely.

Can I stop that, reviews shown automatically on my shop?

You can turn off auto publishing reviews, by logging in to the Rivio dashboard at On the left side menu choose Setup, and Moderation settings. Here you can set your moderation strategy, choose the Manual option. After now, reviews won’t be available right after the submit. You have to moderate each one of them separately (Approve, Disapprove or Delete it).

The new reviews I received are not visible on my shop. How can I change this?

You can turn off manual publishing reviews, by logging in to the Rivio dashboard at On the left side menu choose Setup, and Moderation settings. Here you can set your moderation strategy, choose the Auto-approval option. After now, the incoming reviews will we available for the public immediately. Later you can Approve, Disapprove or Delete it.


شتنبر 3, 2016
This basically only replaces the default Woocommerce review system unless you pay for a premium service, which is not mentioned at all. The “Thousands of reviews already available in our network” are only available with a paid subscription. It’s a lot of work and head scratching for nothing. If you want to get more users perhaps make the reviews free to use, but require manual searching and importing. Happy to re-evaluate if it actually does everything you say it does for free (which is kind of the point of the Wordpress plugin repository).
شتنبر 3, 2016
I was looking for a YOTPO alternative, and came across this plugin. It looked impressive, but had 0 reviews – but I still gave it a shot. I am so glad that I did. It is absolutely amazing. It is feature packed, even in the FREE version. I will not be going back to YOTPO after this. There was a few issues (one plugin bug, and one issue related directly to my website) – the team replied to me straight away on FB and worked with me for 1 hour straight and solved every issue (including my wordpress personal issue). Cannot recommend highly enough – you will love the product and the service. I imported all my YOTPO reviews with one button
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Contributors & Developers

“RIVIO for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.0 – 15/01/2016

  • Initial Release.

1.0.1 – 19/01/2016

  • User registration from the WordPress admin page.

1.0.2 – 25/01/2016

  • Settings page design

1.0.3 – 03/02/2016

  • Fixes for older PHP version *

1.1.0 – 11/02/2016

  • Fixes for older PHP version *

1.2.0 – 16/02/2016

  • Reinstallation handled *

1.3.0 – 21/10/2016

  • Google Rich Snippet *