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Create stunning pop-ups in a breeze!

This plugin allows you (in combination with MyPopUps) to place cool-looking modal pop-ups, widgets, full-screen pop-ups and banners on your site for various purposes:

  • Collect emails
  • Show discount codes
  • Get social likes & shares
  • Show cookie notices
  • Block ad-blockers

You can:

  • Pick from a wide range of ready-made pop-ups in the pop-up directory or create pop-ups from scratch
  • Design the pop-ups to your liking thanks to the powerful builder on MyPopUps
  • Activate & disable the pop-ups directly inside this plugin (without having to leave your WP dashboard)

Coming soon: define much more granular rules when & how the pop-ups should show (using WordPress parameters, inside this plugin).

Give it a shot! If you find any ways how to improve it, please let us know in the support forum, we’ll always try to respond quickly 🙂

Use of third party services:

  • This plugin works in combination with MyPopUps. The pop-ups are created on MyPopUps and displayed on your website with the help of this plugin. Only when you click on the “Yes” button in the plugin a connection is established to MyPopUps (this is also mentioned on that button). For the confidential handling of your data, please have a look at MyPopUps’ GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy as well as the Terms of Use.
  • Also, for enabling fast support, the plugin offers a chat box. A connection to the chat servers will only be established after a click on the chat icon. The chat service is provided by JivoChat (see their Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions about those, or any other type of feedback, criticism, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re striving to make every user happy 🙂 Thank you!


  • MyPopUps Theme directory
  • MyPopUps Theme preview
  • MyPopUps Builder
  • MyPopUps Display Rules
  • MyPopUps Dashboard
  • MyPopUps Plugin welcome screen
  • MyPopUps Plugin pop-up list


How do I launch my first pop-up?

To create your first pop-up, after you installed the plugin, please head to MyPopUps and login.

Pick one of the popups in the pop-up directory (provided pop-ups include subscription form popups, discount code pop ups, cookie notices pop ups – as lightbox pop-ups, full screen pop-ups, banners or side widgets) or create a pop-up from scratch.

Then, give your popup a name and set the domain for where the popup should show. If you create the pop-up from scratch, define whether it will be a desktop pop-up or mobile pop-up (you can always create popups for one device type first, and then make a copy of the pop-up to create its equivalent for other device type).

Then, edit your pop-up in the powerful pop-up builder, define when the pop-up should show (display rules), and as final step (on the “Integrate your pop-up”-page), switch the browser tab to the MyPopUps plugin screen and hit the “Yes” button. Back on the “Integrate your pop-up”-page, select WordPress as your platform, and hit the “Launch my pop-up” button. Lastly, refresh the MyPopUps plugin list, and your popup is now active!

Why is my pop-up not showing up?

Please check:
1.) If your pop-up is switched to “on” (enabled) on your MyPopUps Dashboard
2.) If your pop-up is switched to “on” (enabled) in the MyPopUps plugin area
3.) If the display rules you set may explain why the pop-up doesn’t show (you can see those if you click on “Next” on the builder-screen on MyPopUps)

Those are the most common reasons why your pop-ups may not show. If those didn’t fix it, please have a look at the question in our documentation Why does my pop-up not show?

How do I edit my pop-up?

All pop-ups are edited on MyPopUps. After logging in, go to the dashboard from where you can edit any of your lightbox pop-ups, fullscreen pop-ups, banners or side widgets.

If you need help with the editing of your pop-ups please check out our Help center.

How do I disable/enable my pop-up?

You can disable and re-enable any/all of your popups in two ways: from the MyPopUps Dashboard or from MyPopUps plugin area. Uninstalling the plugin will automatically prevent all pop-ups from displaying.

Can the pop-ups match my brand / Can I create a completely customized pop-ups?

Yes! With our pop up builder, you can tailor the pop-ups to your needs. You can create a lightbox pop-up (modal), banners, side widgets or fullscreen pop ups, for any purpose you like, e.g. subscription form pop-ups (collect emails), discount code pop-ups, cookie notices, adblock-blockers. You can pick any colors or shapes or even fonts that suit your brand and site best. Also you can define in detail when your pop-up should show: based on timers, exit-intent, scroll percentages, pages visited, and on-click (button).

Get inspiration in our pop-up directory.

Can I combine features, i.e. make the pop-up multi-functional?

Yes, your popup can serve multiple purposes, e.g. to both collect emails as well as get social likes & shares.

For example, on the first pop-up screen you can ask users to subscribe, and on the second pop-up screen (“follow-up screen”), you can invite users to share.

Read more about follow-up pop-ups

Can I add effects to pop-ups?

Modals can bounce in, banners can slide in, fullscreen modals can fade in, side widgets can swing. Your popups can also roll, flip, zoom, rotate, wobble, shake, pulse…

Also, popups can have independent effects as well! CSS is supported too, so the options are endless.

Are the popups free?

All pop-ups, be them subscription form popups, discount popups, social popup or a cookie pop-up, are free to create for desktop. For mobile pop-ups, at least the “Standard” plan is needed (see our pricing.

Your pop-ups can show entirely for free for up to 2,000 views per month (and if you hit your limits for a month, the pop-ups just don’t display until the end of the month, and then show again automatically when the next period starts).


دجنبر 11, 2020
My expirience with this plugin was very good, i just created a plugin for my website which looks professional and functionable, and the team behind the plugin responds quickly and resolves all your doubts and issues. Thanks a lot! My pop-up in my website: dat.upc.edu (catalan university's website).
نونبر 30, 2020
I loved the control about how the form can appear (after 5secs, in all pages, when user has navigated 3 pages,...), That's very useful for my usecase, and probably for many others implementing Newsletters, and any kind of form for capture user data. Also the Form Builder is very easy to use. Great work! keep improving it! 🙂
نونبر 19, 2020
this plugin is simply amazing! 🙂 it's very intuitive and easy to use. there are tons of really well designed templates for every industry and the best thing: you can customize them all however you like! they also have great black friday popups right now - you gotta check them out! the setup just takes a couple of minutes and the result is just the way it should be! I've tested a couple of popup-plugins but this one is so far the best solution. thumbs up to these guys! keep up the great work 🙂 greetings Diana
نونبر 12, 2020
I came across this plug-in after getting in touch with the developers regarding their social buttons plug-in (which is also great). It's exactly what I needed. If you want to create a custom pop-up in other plug-ins, you need to know HTML, which I only know a little of. This plug-in lets you design pop-ups without any coding knowledge. It's also easy to edit pop-ups once you've published them. Another big plus point of the plug-in is the amount of conditions you can set. Because I post on my website up to three times a day, I don't want to annoy my readers too much, so the ability to make it so a user only sees a pop-up once every few days is really useful. Other plug-ins don't have that. It could do with a few more features but I'm sure they'll add them, as their support so far has been great and quick to reply, and they've ironed out any minor bugs and issues I've reported within less than a day. If you need a pop-up plug-in, look no further.
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