Happy Addons for Elementor


Happy Addons for Elementor page builder promises to enhance and take your WordPress webpage editing & designing capabilities to a whole new level.

This Elementor based plugin is the latest addition in the list of weDevs premium product library. Enjoy this freemium (free+premium) page builder for Elementor that consists of cutting-edge widgets that are surely set to take your page building experience with Elementor editor to the next level.

Officially recommended by Elementor Page Builder! We are now listed on their official addons page.


Unlike most other Elementor addons, Happy Addons offers itself with many robust free widgets. These free yet important widgets would surely give you a feel of premium widgets making you wonder how come these widgets are free. Let’s explore all the magical free widgets of Happy Addons:

  • Card – Incredibly powerful widget to demonstrate your products, articles, news, creative posts using a beautiful combination of texts, links, badge, and image. Using built-in positioning and offset feature you can create eye-candy designs in a twist.
  • Info Box – Create beautiful information boxes using icons, links, and texts, and make them slick using the built-in positioning features.
  • Icon Box – A simplified version of Infobox but comes with powerful display features. Perfect for showcasing interesting information to your users in various styles.
  • Skill Bars – An essential building block to showcase user skills, task percentage, required tools, and other progressive information in different ways. It comes with incredible customizing options to suit your needs.
  • Review – Showcase your user feedback, reviews, and rating easily than ever using our review widget. Display user photos, texts and star ratings. Make them stand out using built-in offsets and positioning features.
  • Image Compare – Are you a photo-editor, agency or product designer who often needs to showcase their beautiful works in a form of before and after slider? This widget is perfect for this job. And built-in styling options, vertical and horizontal orientation features can help you design these before-after sections with more creativity.
  • Gradient Heading – Another gem to create eye candy headings for your websites. You can apply different gradient styles, angles, opacity, and positions to make them look even better across different device screens.
  • Team Member – A perfect widget to showcase your beautiful team in various styles using texts, images, and social links. And just like our other widgets, you will find powerful styling options to make them stand out quite easily.
  • Dual Button – DualButton widget allows you to add two flexible and trendy action buttons in your sections, in different styles.
  • Number – Simply beautiful, this widget can help you create stunning number blocks with various styles, look-n-feels that’s literally going to blow your mind.
  • Justified Grid – Another pro-grade widget that can help you to create the beautiful justified grid. It comes packed with tons of options to make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Testimonial – Create beautiful testimonial sections with different look-n-feels using HappyAddons Testimonial widget.
  • Logo Grid – Showcase your clients or products using our logo grid widget, and display these items with styles.
  • Slider – Now you can create sliders with beautiful animations and effects using our Slider widget. And just like our other widgets, there are lots of customization options for you.
  • Carousel – Create interesting image and text carousels using our carousel widget which comes with a lot of options.
  • Image Grid – Simply beautiful, this widget can help you create stunning number blocks with various styles, look-n-feels that’s literally going to blow your mind.
  • Step Flow – Create an excellent step by step visual diagram and instructions using this smart widget. Change directions, counters and make them look amazing with icons, texts, and colors.
  • Fun Factor – Another power packed widget that can help you create incredible accordions in styles
  • Calendly – Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails through Calendly. We are happy to integrate this important application in our HappyAddons.
  • News Ticker – Want to show updates, popular content or messages on your website? With the Happy Elementor Addons Content Ticker widget, you can do this at your disposal with great customizability.
  • Social Icon – Beautifully insert and display your social links onto your webpage using this widget to easily connect with your site visitor.
  • Twitter Feed – Showcase your awesome team decorating in the Twitter feed mode applying various styles, texts, images, and social links.
  • Bar Chart – Display charts in an animated and customizable bar form essentially in case of imaging different data and other relevant statistical visualizations.
  • 360° Rotation – Create 360 Degree rotated images for your Products with this widget. Flexibility to add auto-rotate or click to the rotation functionality. Also, you can add Magnify Button to Zoom-in your pictures.
  • Data Table Using a data table on the website is a difficult task if you don’t have any coding ideas or knowledge. However, the data table widget of Happy Elementor Addons will solve this problem.
  • Pricing Table Lite – Create beautiful pricing tables with lots of customizations and sleek look-n-feel using this widget.
  • Flip Box Lite – FlipBox helps you to deliver messages in a beautiful way with before and after-effects.
  • Post Tab – Enable users to present your post in multiple workable tabs ideally useful for grouped and related content.
  • Post List – List any post elegantly using this widget displaying them in a creative and innovative manner with multiple options to play with.
  • Taxonomy List – This widget will help you to create a list of posts by sorting categories, tags, post formats.
  • Horizontal TimeLine – Design your storyline horizontally using the Horizontal Timeline Widget by HappyAddons. It’s absolutely free!
  • Social Share – No need to buy a social share plugin anymore. Get many of the premium features of social share plugins within HappyAddons Social Share widget for free!
  • Event Calender – Are you struggling to incorporate an event calendar on your website with the help of Elementor? Don’t worry; we have added an amazing Event Calendar Widget in the HappyAddons Free Version for you! You can create your own personalized calendar manually or use your Google calendar or the Events Calendar Plugin’s calendar to showcase your events.
  • Contact Form 7 – This utility widget helps you to integrate existing forms built using CF7 plugin across your web pages without spending too much time.
  • Caldera Forms – This widget can help you to display your caldera forms to display on your web pages designed with Elementor.
  • weForms – Designed forms using weForms plugin and looking for a way to display those on your Elementor powered pages? This is the answer to that.
  • Ninja Forms – Use this widget to embed forms created using Ninja Forms to display seamlessly on your web pages. Various styling options will help you to look at them even better.
  • WPForms – Use this widget to embed forms created using WPForms to display seamlessly on your web pages. Various styling options will help you to look at them even better.
  • Gravity Forms – While using Gravity forms, you may want to change the appearance of the form fields. With the Happy Addons, you can spruce up your Gravity forms like a pro.
  • WP Fluent Forms – Easliy customize and use Fluent Forms using this super intuitive widget.

New free widgets or features are added every month. With all these awesome free widgets, this nifty plugin, not just aims to the trendy and sophisticated WordPress website design philosophy but also effortlessly aligns with any Elementor powered WordPress website design requirements.

Happy Templates

Finally, we are happy to announce that we are introducing the Happy Template import feature within our HappyAddons. Initially, it comes with almost 400 readymade templates. We will continuously improve our template library. Both of our Free and Pro users can use happy templates. Templates are labeled in two tags, Pro and Free. To import premium templates you will need the HappyAddons Pro. Template import feature works as like Elementor Template importing feature. Additionally, you can check the previews in three device viewport; Desktop, Tab, Mobile.


Happy Addons Extensions comprise with free extensions augmenting the features of the Elementor page builder to add additional customizations. These effects are novel and exclusive that is only available in Happy Addons.

  • Background Overlay – This extension will allow you to add images, colors, and icons behind a widget. You can add background overlay to any widget.
  • Happy Icons – This will help you embellish your web page with an army of free happy icons. To do so, you have to choose a widget that supports happy icons. Currently, the custom fonts library contains 500+ icons.
  • Managing Column Order on Mobile Responsive Mood – Your designed web page may contain some columns that may require to reorder in the mobile device view. By using the Happy Elementor Addons, you can rearrange the order of the column.
  • Manage Column Width by Adding Pixels – You can control the column width of your widgets with percentage parameters in Elementor. However, sometimes, you need to adjust the column width to meet your design aesthetics. The Happy Addons will let you do so with ease.
  • Happy Clone – While designing with Elementor, you may need to duplicate page or posts from the finder of Elementor Page Builder by using the buttons (CMD/CTRL + E). Surprisingly, you can copy pages and posts lighting fast from the Elementor finder using the Happy clone feature.
  • Fixed Size Controls in Elementor Button Widget – Some times, you may need to make perfectly circular shaped buttons in Elementor. With this free feature, you can do that by just setting a fixed size, that is, by specifying an equal height and width of the Elementor Button widget.
  • Grid Layer: Maintain proper alignment of your page’s elements. Enjoy full flexibility while setting your grid color, width, and position of your grid layout.
  • Wrapper Link: No limitation on adding links to specific areas. Use the Wrapper Link feature to insert links to any column, section or any other place you want.

Happy Addons Exclusive: Happy Effects

As mentioned, the happy Elementor Addons caters you with these two effects that are dying to make you happy:

Floating Effects – Now you can create stunning animations for any Elementor widget using Floating Effects. Translate, Rotate or Scale – Imagination is the limit!

CSS Transform – Another missing piece, a great enhancement over core Elementor that works seamlessly with every widget. You can now apply various CSS transforms like translate, rotate, scale and skew without any limitations.

Floating Effects & CSS Transformations demo:

Floating Effects used for Space effect illustration


The Happy Elementor Addons ships not only with some unique premium features but also with premium widgets. The premium features are 100% unique and exclusive and the premium widgets are there to give you professional assistance to craft any design of your webpage.



If you are still craving for more widgets, then the following premium widgets are there to quench your thirst. The best part is that you can copy and paste the design source code so you won’t have to make any design from scratch. Let’s explore the world of Happy Addons Pro Widgets:

  • Feature List – You can display your product features using different styles using this widget. As a bonus, you can also customize each and every predefined design.
  • Pricing Table – This one of a kind widget will allow you to create any kind of pricing table under the sun. As a surprise, you can use gradient background, oval-shaped button, font awesome icons, background fill color, different heights, dark mood and so on.
  • Flip Box – This exquisite widget will help you show different messages or texts at the time before and after a user hover on a certain element. Just like the other widgets, you can customize this with background image, gutter and circular arrow navigation on both sides.
  • Advanced Heading – With this useful widget you can create beautiful heading design for your text. Like the other widgets, you will get a bunch of free customization options for different sections of the texts.
  • Hover Box – Give boring images lives by adding dynamic animated texts with this nifty little tool. You can display texts with this tool right after a user hovers an image.
  • Team Carousel – Present your team members with beautiful carousels that include social profile buttons, arrow icons, and great customizability.
  • Scrolling Image – Using this widget, you can show your products or services in a way that slides horizontally or vertically. You can also create a stunning photo gallery with this awesome widget.
  • Advanced Tab – This Elementor widget will enable you to show your content by creating advanced tabbed content sections using full-controlled customizations. You can also use other widgets inside the tab.
  • Advanced Accordion – Just like the Advanced Tab widget, if you want to provide your user with extra information using a collapsing effect in different directions, then this is the widget to you should go for.
  • Testimonial Carousel – This widget will provide you with a great way to showcase the recommendations of your customers. You can also control the carousel’s movement using various flexible styles.
  • Logo Carousel – Unleash your design creativity with this beautiful logo carousel widget and showcase your partners and products using vertical or horizontal motion.
  • Animated Text – This widget is pretty useful to make your text stand apart from the crowd applying smart animations. You can customize the cool animation effects with a variety of flexible styles.
  • Timeline – Tell your story in the precise and the smartest way using this gorgeous tool. Your visitors will get to know everything about the history of your product or company through a bird’s eye view.
  • Instagram Feed – This widget will pave you the way to dynamically show you your beautiful Instagram photos seamlessly on your website page. Users can interact with your photos and leave a comment.
  • Advanced Toggle – Similar to the Accordion widget, this will allow you to create a collapsible container area that will enable the user to show and hide items provided that the user clicks on it.
  • List Group – With this incredibly handy widget, you can craft beautiful lists. You can also apply advanced styles to give the appearance of the items just like the way you want it.
  • Countdown – This eye-catching widget will let you set a countdown clock which you can use to show the launch time of your website or prod the customers to take a particular action showing remaining time.
  • Source Code – While writing docs or tutorial posts, you can use this widget to skillfully show codes to your visitors so that they can copy and paste them anywhere on the page at their disposal.
  • Promo Box – Promote anything in a more lucrative way with the promo box widget of HappyAddons. And clearly stay ahead in the competition
  • Hot Spot – Another power packed widget that can help you create incredible accordions in styles
  • Price Menu – Display your food menu list with or without price in a decent and creative way with this full flexible widget
  • Business Hour – This widget will help you show the business hours in a tabular form. Your customers will get to know when your business is open or closed.
  • Line Chart – Visualize your data in different ways; each of them animated and customisable
  • Pie & Doughnut Chart – Visualize your data in different ways; each of them animated and customisable
  • Polar Area Chart – Visualize your data in different ways; each of them animated and customisable
  • Radar Chart – Visualize your data in different ways; each of them animated and customisable
  • Facebook Feed – Show the feed of you facebook page in your website in different and creative way through happyaddons and elementor
  • Twitter Feed Carousel – Showcase your awesome team decorating in the Twitter feed mode applying various styles, texts, images, and social links
  • Breadcrumbs – Visualize your breadcrumbs in different ways; each of them customisable
  • Sticky Video – From now, you can set sticky videos with the HappyAddons sticky video widget. Also, you will get plenty of options to manage your videos in an advanced way
  • Post Grid – Scale your blog archive page with the HappyAddons Post Grid widget. It comes with predefined skins, so you spend less time designing your blog page
  • Post Tiles – Now you can showcase your most desirable blog posts exclusively with the Post Tiles widget of Happy Elementor Addons. It’s available with predefined tiles set to achieve an elegant look
  • Smart Post List – Are you looking for a magnificent listing facility with the highlighted option for your sticky featured article? HappyAddons Smart Post list widget will handle all of your desirable styles smartly, like featuring the sticky post, filterable post list, and more
  • Post Carousel – The Post carousel feature is now trendy in News Portals or other blogging sites to grab visitors’ attention. Now you can create a stunning post carousel for your site with the HappyAddons Post Carousel widget
  • Author List – Decently showcase your creative writers with the HappyAddons Author List widget. It will help you to display all of your authors in one place
  • WooCommerce Product Grid – Are you struggling with showcasing your products in perfect grid alignment within WooCommerce? From now, you can display your products in grid views lucratively with HappyAddons Pro Product Grid Widget
  • WooCommerce Product Carousel – Wondering about a perfect WooCommerce Product Carousel widget for Elementor to grab the attention of your customers? Try HappyAddons Pro’s Product Carousel Widget to make it happen.
  • WooCommerce Product Cateogry Grid – Sometimes you need to display your eCommerce products category wise to target a specific genre of visitors. Our HappyAddons Product Category Grid Widget is the best fit for displaying WooCommerce Products category wise
  • WooCommerce Product Category Carousel – From now you can display products in carousels based on specific categories with the help of HappyAddons Pro Product Category Carousel Widget to make them more lucrative


The premium (PRO) features of Happy Addons truly make it stand out from all the other Elementor add-ons out there right now. You will get the below mentioned much talked about standout premium features in the PRO version of Happy Addons:


If you are creating different web pages with WordPress, you will often try to use the same elements of a web page to other pages over and over again.

To address this issue, the Elementor page builder comes with a free copy and paste elements feature for a single domain. But the problem is, you can not copy and paste an element to other domains.

This is where the goodness of the Happy Addons comes to the rescue! With this tool, you can copy and paste any element (for example, buttons, navigation bars, carousel, accordion, etc.) from one domain to another domain. Cool, right?

Watch Demo


If you try to create your website from scratch and give it a professional appearance, then it will take up a huge amount of time and effort.

To tackle this hassle, the Preset option of the Happy Addons comes into play! Much like its name, it will let you select pre-made designs to create a web page faster and of course without compromising the quality. Currently, there are 400+ preset designs available in Happy Addons.

Watch Demo


With Elementor, you can create sections to make room for elements. We feel happy to say that by integrating the Happy Elementor add-ons, you can create infinite sections within a single section.

And as usual, you can insert as many widgets as you want into those sections.

Watch demo


Sometimes you may wish to simulate exactly the same design that you see on our demo page. Amazingly, with the Live Copy option, you can do it at your disposal.

This is a go-to way that lets you copy the code of the demo design from the demo site and allows you to use it directly on your Elementor edit panel.

Unlike a theme template, using the demo designs won’t put any pressure on your media server which is a must-have to help load the page faster.

Watch Demo


Our code doesn’t stink and we don’t leave you blindfolded when you need support from us. Apart from the freemium widgets, the plugin will pamper you with a fleet of professional quality features.

For example, it’s compatible with almost every WordPress theme; it’s lightweight and fast; comes up with motion effects, and empowers you with enormous customizability options. In addition, the plugin also works cohesively with the stock Elementor widgets.

If you don’t understand a feature or fail to give it the desired look which was already demonstrated in a demo, or it’s not working as expected – we got your back. Just drop us a line and we will do our best to help you figure a way out.


Please provide us with constructive feedback, contribute and file any technical bugs on GitHub Repository.

Stay connected with the Happy Community

In case you want to share any ideas on Happy Addons with other users or if you are in any trouble, don’t feel stranded. Stay connected with the Happy addons community.


Happy Addons for Elementor uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon the user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data. Additionally, read weDevs privacy policy for better knowledge on it.


Despite Happy Addons for Elementor, being the newest addition to the product line up of weDevs, it has already managed to win the heart of its users with a staggering 5-star rating. The plugin is programmed in a way so you don’t require any prior coding know-how and is completely cross-browser compatible with mobile responsive feature.


  • Review widget with image offset
  • Icon box widget - capsule design
  • Team member widget
  • Info box widget
  • Skill bars widget
  • Dual button widget
  • Icon box widget with label
  • Happy Effects - available in all kinds of Elementor widgets. And works smoothly with all the 3rd party Elementor addons plugin, Elementor Pro and Elementor
  • Happy Effects - CSS Transform - Rotate
  • happy Effects - CSS Transform - Rotate and Translate
  • Review widget - capsule design
  • Card widget with Happy Effects (Floating Effects)
  • Card widget - capsule design


Step 1: Upload the plugin file to install by navigating through Plugins➔Add New➔Upload Plugin➔Choose File to Install from your WordPress dashboard or you can simply search for the Happy Addons plugin from the plugin directory by going to Plugins➔Add New and search for the plugin in the search tab to install it on your WordPress site.

Step 2: After successful installation, you have to click the “activate” button to activate the happy addons for Elementor.

Step 3: When you activate Happy Addons for Elementor you will be redirected to our HappyAddons Dashboard Home Tab.

For a more detailed explanation check out the following documentation

How to Install Happy Addons For Elementor


Can I use Happy Elementor Addons without Elementor?

I’m afraid, you cannot use Happy Elementor Addons without Elementor. Happy Elementor Addons is a collection of slick, powerful widgets that works seamlessly with Elementor page builder and it’s only for Elementor.

Does it work along with other Elementor Addons?

Yes, it does. And you’ll get some cool and extra features like Happy Effects for other Elementor Addons or Extensions.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it works with any WordPress theme that works with Elementor. And it best works with Hello Elementor.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes, undoubtedly.

Will Happy Elementor Addons break my site after an update?

No, It won’t break your site or any page where you used Happy Elementor Addons. We put our best effort to make you happy.


يناير 27, 2021
The support team will never let you down. Interestingly, you won't be judged by a Free or Pro user. Specially the guy MM... thanks to you.
يناير 1, 2021
The plugin is buggy, not allowing me to edit the website. The support is also very bad. They don't even bother to solve the issue and fix bugs in the plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“Happy Addons for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.20.0 – 18 February 2021

  • New: Text stroke feature
  • New: Event Calendar widget
  • New: Happy particle effects disable option
  • Tweak: Updated kses function to support more attributes
  • Tweak: Added html tag support in Data Table widget
  • Tweak: Added slider widget dots size control
  • Tweak: Added carousel widget dots size control
  • Fix: Shape divider spell
  • Fix: Chart widgets console error
  • Fix: Widget background overlay class mismatch issue
  • Fix: Data Table widget compatibility issue with WPML

2.19.0 – 20 January 2021

  • New: Features control panel
  • New: Section Shape Divider – 18 custom shapes (Happy Shapes)
  • Tweak: Improved elementor missing notice
  • Fix: Misc css bug resolved

2.18.0 – 5 January 2021

  • New: Tabs are sortable in Post Tab widget
  • Tweak: Added Post tab widget tab hover cursor
  • Fix: Equal height control rendering issue
  • Fix: Horizontal Timeline inconsistency with Infinite loop

2.17.1 – 24 December 2020

  • Fix: Wrapper link undefined url issue

2.17.0 – 23 December 2020

  • New: Widget equal height feature
  • New: Custom arrow icon control in Slider widget
  • New: Custom arrow icon control in Carousel widget
  • New: Custom arrow icon control in Horizontal timeline widget
  • New: Slider arrow size control
  • New: Carousel arrow size control
  • New: Horizontal timeline arrow size control
  • New: Horizontal timeline arrow horizontal position control
  • Tweak: Updated Horizontal timeline widget default style
  • Tweak: Added % unit in Slider arrow position controls
  • Tweak: Added % unit in Carousel arrow position controls
  • Tweak: Added % unit in Horizontal timline arrow position control
  • Tweak: Separated Floating effects JS handler from main JS file
  • Fix: Slider arrow not hiding issue
  • Fix: Carousel arrow not hiding issue

2.16.1 – 10 December 2020

  • Fix: WordPress 5.6 compatibility
  • Fix: Floating effect dependency loading only when activated
  • Fix: Infobox button icon animation
  • Fix: JS error in elementor editor

2.16.0 – 29 November 2020

  • Added: Justified Grid lightbox disable option for mobile and tablet
  • Added: Image Grid lightbox disable option for mobile and tablet
  • Added: Justified Grid default filter select option
  • Added: Image Grid default filter select option
  • Added: Added .pot file
  • Tweak: Improved Justified Grid and Image Grid base style
  • Tweak: Improved Image Grid markup – removed extra inner div
  • Tweak: Improved on demand assets loading
  • Fix: Private page on demand assets loading issue
  • Fix: Lightbox and Popup not working with wrapper link issue

2.15.0 – 4 November 2020

  • New: Ready made page templates (Happy Templates)
  • New: Horizontal TimeLine widget
  • New: Social Share widget
  • New: Happy Icons v4 (44 new icons)
  • Tweak: Data Table row-cell text link option
  • Fix: On Demand Assets Loading compatibility with WPML
  • Fix: Post Tab widget compatibility with WPML
  • Fix: News Ticker widget compatibility with WPML
  • Fix: Pricing Table long feature text breaks into 2nd line issue
  • Fix: Pricing Table default style and content issue
  • Fix: Text domain inconsistency

2.14.3 – 12 October 2020

  • Tweak: Added Calendy pro feature notice
  • Tweak: Added Calendy default username “happyaddons”
  • Tweak: Common cached files are loaded once as internal css
  • Fix: Card widget badge dynamic tag issue
  • Fix: Happy templates popup button auto duplicate issue
  • Fix: Removed duplicate On demand assets cache file enqueue
  • Fix: Removed broken Review widget schema data
  • Fix: Team member widget email envelope icon issue

2.14.2 – 20 September 2020

  • Fix: JS loading issue for non logged in users
  • Fix: JS loading issue for logged in users
  • Fix: All the JS dependent widgets with issue
  • Fix: Editor loading issue

2.14.1 – 7 September 2020

  • Fix: JS loading issue for non logged in users

2.14.0 – 3 September 2020

  • New: Updated compatibility with WP 5.5.x
  • New: Updated compatibility with Elementor 3.x.x
  • New: Twitter feed timestamp settings
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary Elementor kit assets enqueue
  • Tweak: Removed common image styles, instead added widget wise
  • Fix: Templates compatibility issue with Elementor 3.x.x
  • Fix: Script dependency order issue
  • Fix: Card and Infobox delete issue
  • Fix: Review widget spelling error

2.13.3 – 24 August 2020

  • Fix: HappyAddons Pro assets loading issues
  • Fix: Misc style issue

2.13.2 – 20 August 2020

  • Tweak: Removed icons control workaround for HappyIcons
  • Tweak: Removed assets loading hook priority
  • Tweak: Improved Dual Button default style
  • Fix: CSS Transform normal/hover mode not working on frontend issue
  • Fix: Color change doens’t have any effect on SVG icon issue
  • Fix: Card widget image size issue on Firefox and responsive mode

2.13.1 – 6 August 2020

  • Fix: CSS Transform conflict issue

2.13.0 – 27 July 2020

  • New: Data Table widget
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/grid_layer hook to control Grid Layer
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/background_overlay hook to control Background Overlay
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/wrapper_link hook to control Wrapper Link
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/happy_clone hook to control Happy Clone
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/adminbar_menu hook to control Adminbar menu
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/floating_effects hook to control Floating Effects
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/css_transform hook to control CSS Transform
  • New: happyaddons/extensions/on_demand_cache hook to control On Demand Assets Loading
  • Tweak: Added CSS Transform hover state support
  • Tweak: Added Stepflow direction arrow rotatation support
  • Tweak: Added Card button full width support
  • Tweak: Added Card responsive image positioning
  • Tweak: Restored justify alignment in all widgets
  • Tweak: Improved base styles in all widgets
  • Tweak: Removed widget control panel link from editor panel
  • Tweak: Removed HappyAddons shortcut link from finder
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary css
  • Tweak: Post List content on/off option
  • Tweak: Post List feature image left & top show option
  • Fix: Post List date issue
  • Fix: WPML link translation issue

2.12.3 – 13 July 2020

  • Tweak: Twitter feed widget icon updated
  • Tweak: Twitter feed cache cleaner added
  • Tweak: Twitter feed Error handling updated
  • Tweak: Social link widget default value
  • Fix: Fun factor animation issue
  • Fix: Card widget default text spelling error
  • Fix: Empty button rendering issue

2.12.2 – 10 June 2020

  • Fix: Template library dark mode compatibility issue
  • Fix: Fluent Forms styles issue

2.12.1 – 9 June 2020

  • Fix: GravityForms widget issue causing elementor editor continuous loding

2.12.0 – 8 June 2020

  • New: Happy Templates Library
  • New: WP Fluent Forms widget

2.11.1 – 4 June 2020

  • Fix: JS function backward compatibility issue
  • Fix: ha_get_feature_label JS error issue in Pricing table

2.11.0 – 1 June 2020

  • Tweak: Slide item link support for Carousel widget
  • Tweak: Slide item link support for Slider widget
  • Tweak: More html tags support for textarea/description type input
  • Tweak: Advanced button support for Team Member widget
  • Tweak: Restored default placeholder image
  • Fix: Adminbar happy icon markup issue
  • Fix: Carousel and Slider css issue
  • Fix: SVG icon sizing issues in all widgets
  • Fix: WPML support issue
  • Fix: 360° widget default style

2.10.0 – 18 May 2020

  • New: 360° Rotation widget
  • New: Taxonomy List widget

2.9.0 – 29 April 2020

2.8.1 – 5 April 2020

  • Tweak: Adminbar actions terms updated to more meaningful terms
  • Fix: Floating effect not working on frontend
  • Fix: Adminbar HappyAddons icon position

2.8.0 – 1 April 2020

  • New: Post Tab widget
  • New: Post List widget

2.7.3 – 31 March 2020

  • Tweak: Custom attribute output support for all links
  • Tweak: Added pro widgets awarness panel
  • Fix: Missing styles issue on page/post clone
  • Fix: Popup link not working with link issue
  • Fix: Twitter feed issue

2.7.2 – 2 March 2020

  • Fix: Dual Button space between buttons issue

2.7.1 – 23 February 2020

  • Fix: Fun Factor broken markup issue

2.7.0 – 20 February 2020

  • New: Twitter feed widget
  • New: Bar Chart widget
  • New: Social Icons widget
  • New: Grid Layer feature for designer
  • New: Wrapper Link feature for section, column and widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Carousel widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Dual Button widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Logo Grid widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in News Ticker widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Pricing Table widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Skills widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Slider widget
  • Update: Dynamic Tags support in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Pricing Table widget php warning

2.6.1 – 16 February 2020

  • Fix: Conflict with Rank Math
  • Fix: Fun Factor padding issue
  • Fix: Stepflow inline editing issue
  • Fix: Gravity Forms conditional field issue
  • Fix: Inline editing issue in Elementor 2.9.*
  • Fix: Select2 width collapse issue in Elementor 2.9.*

2.6.0 – 15 January 2020

  • New: Fun Factor widget
  • Update: Page break styling for Gravity Forms widget
  • Update: Widgets help link added in “Need Help?” button
  • Fix: Image Compare widget extra height issue
  • Fix: Step Flow widget title link issue
  • Fix: Gravity Forms styling issue
  • Fix: Removed welcome notice in admin

2.5.0 – 24 December 2019

  • New: Added Step Flow widget title heading level control
  • Update: Tracking system update to comply with wp.org user privacy policy
  • Fix: Dark mode Happy Effects heading color

2.4.2 – 12 December 2019

  • Fix: Compatibility with Elementor 2.8.*
  • Fix: Extension loading issue for non logged in users

2.4.1 – 10 December 2019

  • Fix: News Ticket single post selection issue
  • Fix: Blank icons controls JS error issue (it also fixes EA Table and Elementor FORM issue)
  • Fix: Gravity Forms Elementor editor style issue

2.4.0 – 3 December 2019

  • New: Happy Clone – (duplicate post/page from anywhere!)
  • New: News Ticker Widget
  • New: Fixed size controls in Elementor Button widget
  • Fix: Badge offset responsive issue for Icon Box Widget
  • Fix: Wrapper is rendered when icon/image is missing issue

2.3.0 – 20 November 2019

  • New: Gravity Forms Widget
  • New: Column Order control
  • New: Custom Column Width control
  • New: weForms section break styles
  • Fix: weForms misc style issues

2.2.6 – 11 November 2019

  • Fix: Conflict with Essential Addons causing PHP fatal error
  • Fix: PHP cannot declare class Happy_Addons\Elementor\Finder issue

2.2.5 – 11 November 2019

  • Tweak: Improved floating effects editing performance
  • Fix: Text editor slow performance and rendering lag issue

2.2.4 – 8 November 2019

  • Tweak: Improved on demand assets loading for Elementor theme builder
  • Tweak: Improved support for 3rd party header, footer builders
  • Fix: Dashboard php error for users with non admin or super admin roles

2.2.3 – 6 November 2019

  • Tweak: Improved support for image optimization plugins. ex: Shortpixel Image Optimiser
  • Tweak: Widgets default styles
  • Fix: WPForms Pro compatibility issue
  • Fix: Image border radius style issue

2.2.2 – 16 October 2019

  • Fix: Widget Control Panel link issue

2.2.1 – 15 October 2019

  • Fix: Text overflow issue in all widgets
  • Fix: PHP 5.4 compatibility issue

2.2.0 – 7 October 2019

  • Update: Style copy-paste support improved
  • Fix: Image Grid image alt attribute value issue
  • Fix: Justified Gallery image alt attribute value issue
  • Fix: Skills Bar % sign visibility inconsistency issue

2.1.0 – 3 October 2019

  • New: Widgets control panel link in Elementor Finder
  • New: Widgets control panel link in Elementor editor panel
  • Update: Added Dual Button layout (Stack and Queue layout)
  • Fix: Image Grid and Justified Gallery filter issue for non english languages
  • Fix: Justified gallery image alt attribute missing issue
  • Fix: Dual Button responsive issue – using layout feature
  • Fix: Dual Button default hover text color
  • Fix: Widgets Control Panel navigation jump issue

2.0.0 – 24 September 2019

  • New: Dashboard – Widgets Control Panel
  • New: Image popup support for Justified Grid
  • New: Image popup support for Image Grid
  • Update: Improved HTML tag support for description and title fields
  • Update: Added more icons in Happy Icons
  • Update: Improved HTML escaping support for security
  • Fix: Skill Bars admin label fix
  • Fix: Missing style issue while copy-pasting widget style
  • Fix: Happy Icons cache issue
  • Fix: Admin bar menu spacing issue