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Product recommendations are becoming an essential part of e-commerce stores. Not only to solve the task of putting the right product in front of the right customer, but also to improve the store navigation for customers browsing things they are, or could be, interested in. Recommendations help you drive revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, but it also drives revenue by increasing the customer experience on your site. Our recommendations drive an increase in revenue that is often noticeable within a few weeks, along with increase in engagement and time spent on store.

Why using a recommendation engine?

The most essential task of a recommender system is to serve up relevant content to the user at the right time. A product recommendation engine provide relevant products to store visitors to increase the likelihood of turning the visitor into a customer. Much like Netflix’s recommender system aims to increase time spent at Netflix by serving up movies and series that the user is likely to want to watch.

It is hard to serve the right product to the right visitor, at the right time. Doing this through featured products or featured categories is often as close to getting it “right” a store owner can get without spending a lot of time on maintaining the “you may also like” section for every product in store. This is impractical and the recommendation engine simply offers a better way of doing it. The algorithm analyses data on customers purchasing patterns and order history to derive the products a visitor is most likely to buy and putting them right in front of them, in real-time. Across all products in the assortment, served every hour, every day.

An Engage account is required and additional fees may apply.

Monthly plans start at $7 /mo and include 7 days free trial (no credit card required).
Get more information about our pricing here: engage.zubi.ai


  • Automated product recommendations
  • Design Custom recommendation blocks
  • Customer analytics

What else is there to your service?

Engage is essentially an advanced analytics solution that provides AI driven product recommendations and data driven business insights. Engage aims to improve customer experience and increase revenue for the store owners. Furthermore, engage enables visitor tracking and granular data capturing for improved analytics, statistics and data warehousing capabilities.

Easily Integrate to engage.zubi.ai

This plugin integrates to the engage platform provided by zubi.ai. To fully utilize the functionality you need an account, get one at engage.zubi.ai


This plugin is created by zubi.ai.


This plugin requires that the WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated.


  • Example of product recommendations on a product page.
  • Design custom recommendation blocks.
  • Edit basic settings in the plugin.
  • Example of product recommendations on a cart page.


  1. Install the plugin by uploading the engage-by-zubi directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Connect your store to engage backend service by providing an email and password


Question 1

Q: How do I retrieve the API keys required to connect the plugin to engage?
A: Your API keys will be automatically created and saved when connecting to the engage backend service from the plugin. This information can be access in “Manage Store” from engage.zubi.ai.

Question 2

Q: How often are the AI-models re-trained
A: The recommendation models are re-trained every night to make sure that they can deliver best possible recommendations based on the latest data. This is a background process which will not affect engage’s possibility to deliver recommendations to your customers.

Question 3

Q: Is it possible to customize/design the recommendation blocks?
A: Yes of course. Engage has its own extensive editor where you can create recommendation blocks that fits with your store theme. You can create unlimited designs and can select to use the same design on each page or have different designs on different pages, it is all possible. https://engage.zubi.help/support/solutions/articles/47001139273-design-editor-design-your-recommendations-block

Question 4

Q: Do you support slider functionality for the recommendation blocks?
A: Yes of course. Within the editor there is a possibility to have the recommendations displayed using a slider.

Question 5

Q: Is it possible to use the standard design of the theme?
A: Yes of course. If you do not want to make your own design, you can use the default design of your theme to be used for outputting the recommendation blocks.

Question 6

Q: Is it possible to have multiple recommendation blocks on one page?
A: No, right now it is only possible to have one recommendation block per page. We are looking into extending the functionality to handle this scenario.

Question 7

Q: Is it possible to customize where the recommendations are displayed
A: Yes, of course. All recommendations are outputted using shortcodes so all position supported by shortcodes can be used. Please see the following article that describes the different methods than can be used for outputting the recommendation blocks. https://engage.zubi.help/support/solutions/articles/47001140347-woocommerce-shortcode-placement-deployment

Question 8

Q: Is the service free of charge?
A: All new customers that are signing up for an account will be free of charge during trial period. After this period the user will be charged depending on the number of recommendations to be used on monthly basis.
Read all about pricing here
See current pricing here

Question 9

Q: Do you have a support function that will help me getting started?
A: A lot of hours have been spent on making the setup process as easy as possible, enabling any user to get started independently on the level of technical skills. But we understand that situations can occur, and our support team are always ready to help in any way possible.
Please visit our knowledge base to get more information or answer to your question.
knowledge base
Or please contact our support using below email,

Question 10

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We are using Stripe as a payment provider, so all major credit cards are accepted. The payment is handled within engage backend service at https://engage.zubi.ai


شتنبر 1, 2020
It only took us some minutes to implement the engage plugin into our WooCommerce Store. And it really does it’s job very well!
يوليوز 3, 2020
I have been using Engage for 1 months. It's enhancing our product detail/cart page and it's convert visitors to customers. Also they have great support team who like to help their users. So, I definitely recommend this tool if you want to make more sales with the AI based realtime recommendations.
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Contributors & Developers

“engage for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • BUG FIX: Fixes a display issue in the custom design editor.
  • BUG FIX: Fixes a display issue for the recommendations with custom design.
  • FEATURE: Everything can now be done from the plugin itself, no need to visit engage anymore.
  • FEATURE: Introduce recommendations that use the default native theme currently installed
  • FEATURE: Improved AI-algorithm on shop pages
  • FEATURE: Introduce a new design tool to simplify recommendation design
  • FEATURE REMOVAL: This update removes Gutenberg blocks from the plugin


  • BUG FIX: Fixes an issues that sometimes caused issues with the page header hooks
  • FEATURE: Introduces Gutenberg blocks for custom recommendations. Add Recommendations to any page using Gutenberg
  • FEATURE: Improved recommendations for startpage, category page and search page
  • FEATURE: Fully control the recommendation design from engage.zubi.ai
  • FEATURE: Introduces Engage design templates
  • BUG FIX: Fixes an issues that sometimes caused product pages to fire multiple outbound http requests
  • BUG FIX: Fixes issue with “add to cart” when using AJAX
  • BUG FIX: Fixes issue with product recommendation in minicart
  • BUG FIX: Fixes issue with product recommendation in search
  • BUG FIX: Fixes issue sometimes impacting product recommendation in checkout, cart and mini cart


  • Initial version