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Electronic Signature


SwiftCloud offers [shortcode] style E-Sign. Typical WP use = WP >> Doc >> Back to WP.

TIP: We have Sign & Pay. You can get payment (Stripe) and signature in 1 step.

The doc will have your logo, colors, even a mapped domain, but due to JS/CSS obfuscation, the actual signature happens on our server.

Start with Why…

WordPress-Style Electronic Signature Setup


TIP: FREE SETUP – we’ll do it for you. Our onboarding with AI is still in process. Just email your doc to We can even setup a demo first to test.

Do this: (Example Liability Waiver setup here)
1. Start your free 7 day trial – Annual (4mo Free! Save 30%) or Monthly.

  1. Fill out your main settings. Add your WordPress URL into the “Website (Work)” field.
    Click About Your Company >> Branding and add a Logo, so people feel like they’re in the right place.

  2. Go to the main drive and click Add New >> Doc.

  3. Copy and paste your waiver into that doc. Add the following shortcodes to the end:
    Name: [swift_name_both name=”swift_name_both” role=”participant” required] Email: [swift_email role=”participant”]
    [swiftsignature required role=”participant” size=”medium” type=”Both”]
    [swift_date who=”yours” localdate=”MMDDYYYY” format=”long” readonly role=”participant”]

  4. Set the pink box and blue box settings however you like (for confirmation to signer + notification to you).
    TIP: People often start on WordPress, then sign on our servers, then go back to your WordPress.

  5. Click Save, then click Preview. Link to the URL in the beige box and you’re done!

This plugin is helpful but not needed. It will soon show logging of people who signed.

If you need payment, we have Sign & Pay in 1 step – see below & reach out for help if needed.

NOTE: Electronic Waivers are lower cost than regular e-Sign – we have separate pricing for waivers and petitions.

PDF eSign vs . Smart Doc (responsive phone friendly + better):

First, a commercial. It’s quick & shows the power of the platform…


1. The actual signature happens on our server (branded to you, your logo, colors…). We must be able to legally guarantee (in court if needed) the signer intent, and we will never do that if the code is on your server. Most common: WordPress >> eSign (and now maybe also sign and pay) on our server >> back to your WP site / thanks page.
2. There is no free plan. We have a $1 trial (14 Days), and plans are very affordable, but this is a paid system.

If you are cool with those 2 caveats, let’s get you set up – it’s a great, powerful system.

NOTE: This plugins just helps with config, confirmation-page thanks, reporting. Actual e-Sign is off-domain for security (legally required, see below)

We could not allow potential CSS obfuscation of contracts, as well as solve every possible interference from themes or plugins, so the actual e-sign now happens on our servers, though these can be fully branded to you and even cname-mapped i.e. etc.

TIP: Agencies, Devs see

Another upside: Having an independent 3rd party hold your signed docs may be legally superior due to potential modification attacks and thus holding your own signed docs may not be legally defensible. For more information about this we recommend independent licensed legal advice.

SwiftCloud is perfect for sales contracts, liability waivers, permission slips, and more.

WordPress Digital Electronic Signature Software, formerly, part of

Note this plugin requires a SwiftCloud Account for the electronic signatures to work. PDFs will be stored online in your signed wordpress page.

Our number 1 goal for this plugin is as part of a sales stack.

Electronic Signature FEATURES

  1. Legally binding electronic signature, timedate stamped with audit trail for court enforcement. Paid accounts have additional features for court deposition or appearance.
  2. Single-page mode: Input form + electronic signature(s) on the same page (most common and simple)
  3. Multi-page mode: Multi-step / Multi-Page Forms or where the signor info (i.e. name, price, etc.) is pre-filled (from CRM or another webform, even Excel spreadsheet, etc.) i.e. capture your users one form 1, then fill that into an electronic signature contract on step 2.
  4. Can be included in a multi-step flow such as input form, then payment, then signature, or signature then payment, etc.
  5. Signed documents are archived and held in trust by Swift Signature should court enforcement be needed
  6. Multi-Party Consecutive or Concurrent (all-or-none, or partial allowed) signatures (Premium account required)
  7. Notification and Automation options – add autoresponders, payment flows, and more
  8. Sales flow sessions options available (i.e. real-time phone handoff to a client)
  9. Conditional Logic: Show/Hide sections based on a checkbox, radio button option, circle-word (a type of radio button, technically, similar to circling answers on paper forms)
  10. Editable / NonEditable fields for use with CRMs and other forms – pre-fill fields like name, email and allow the user to edit, and optionally pre-fill other fields but lock them as non-editable (i.e. purchase price, loan terms, etc.). TIP: Use these to pre-fill a price or terms into a sales contract, and it will look like regular text (not an input.. unless you want it to).

5 Minute Electronic Signature Setup Wizard

More Help: See for our latest updates or help if with debugging and setup.


Note Swift Signature can be used for anything. You can even Sign and Pay (payment + signature at the same time), embed invoices into a doc (i.e. sales proposal), pre-fill a complex application form then hand it over for e-Sign, etc.

The system is designed to allow pre-filling variables (as regular text i.e. for prices or visibly-editable fields (a user’s name)).

Certain fields can be read-write (i.e. their name, in case the sales rep spells it wrong), others can be read-only (deal terms), then signed online. If needed, the sales rep could then further modify the data in SwiftCRM, and generate a final signable agreement.

We are a small developer-run company and welcome your ideas and feature requests! Hit us up at for anything you need.


  • English – for now, that’s all, but if interested we welcome some help! Contact us for a .pot file.


  • Front-end Example


You probably know the drill by now, but if not, here’s a step by step suggestion.

NOTE: The actual signature must happen on our server (with your logo, colors, even subdomain) in order to be legally binding. We must be able to guarantee, in court if needed, the signer intent, and we will never do that if the code is on your server. This plugin just helps with the thanks-confirmation and reporting.

  1. Upload the Electronic Signatures folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or better yet, use WordPress’ native installer at Plugins >> Add New >> (search SwiftCloud)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click yes to create a thanks-page if you like, or get the URL of whatever page you want the user to land on after they sign.
  4. See the video below to setup your doc. Link your WP site to it.
  5. Inside SwiftCloud, set the pink-box after-signature action to return your user to a wordpress page.


  1. How do I set this up in 5 minutes?
  1. More Advanced Demo…
  1. PDF Demo…

Need more help? Search on, and if you don’t find what you need, submit a ticket.


يناير 10, 2020
I highly recommend this software to all of my clients, especially in the merchant cash advance industry. They got more sales and leads. It’s easy to use, user-friendly even someone who is not a techy person can navigate this plugin in no time. This plugin is 100% good for waivers, sales contracts, CRM, etc. Give it a try!
ماي 16, 2019
One previous reviewer was pretty mad this was paid – yeah, it is. Call us crazy but we’re not doing this for charity. That said, Wordpress people familiar with shortcodes (i.e. [swift_email] will create an email field in the doc) will be right at home with this. ==== Actual client review to us for compliance, posted on her behalf ====== It’s great. I just set it up then forget it, and it works perfectly for sales contracts for us, with various levels of percentage too. We get a signed PDF, the client gets a signed PDF, everyone’s happy. We haven’t touched it in months, because we don’t need to — Deborah K [using for financing applications]
أبريل 30, 2018 4 replies
It looks ok when you first start but nothing works, there are many problems in this and after trying to work with the platform for several hours you will realise that you went down wrong rabbit hole. It doesn’t work, and in the end you will need to create an account and sign-up with a fee… I wish I never saw this plugin! Ok, lets delete and find another plugin and start again!
يوليوز 19, 2017 1 reply
Swiftcloud has created a wonderful plugin that allows me to have clients sign waivers online easily and effortlessly. It’s simple to use and the developer is always an email away to help me solve any problems. I highly recommend you getting e-signature.
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  • Updated SwiftCloud.IO to


  • Bug fixing.


  • Removed all signature functionality


  • Electronic Signature on WordPress has been disabled. For the owner of this website, please migrate your doc(s) as per


  • Updated SwiftCloud form submission url


  • Upgrade notice for e-Signature system.


  • UI Improvement.


  • UI Improvement.


  • Added Upgrade notice for SwiftCloud e-Signature system.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Added option for thanks redirect.


  • Added Tracking Lead report on dashboard.


  • Added Admin settings for Work with Consumers or Businesses.


  • Added shortcode for Affiliate / Source Name (Hidden).


  • Added option for file upload.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Added ‘Phone’ field shortcode.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Updated input elements for required option.


  • Allow multiple instance for Check to Agree option.


  • Added new option “Swift Check to Agree”.


  • Updated Swiftcloud links to SC.AI.


  • Added Local Capture option for esign.


  • Bug fixing for typing modal.


  • Update pre populate options for form fields with readonly option.


  • Added pre populate options for form fields.


  • Added option for Auto sign based on Name value.


  • Preload Signature and Initial box when user enter their name.


  • Added more options for Show/Hide fields for radio and dropdown.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Added GMT time in e-signature form.


  • Updated radio & checkbox list buttons with CSS only.
  • Added new option: Conditional Logic Show/Hide based on Answers.


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  • Added option for Beta Sandbox Testing Mode.


  • Frontend Plugin translated in Spanish(Español) and Hindi(हिन ?दी) languages.


  • Added swiftForm debug mode.
  • Plugin translated in Spanish(Español) and Hindi(हिन ?दी) languages.


  • Added new shortcode [swift_date_dropdown].


  • Added select box for month and year in date picker.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Added option for Editable/NonEditable fields for name, email, text box, text area, URL.


  • Added option for sizing (medium, full line, long) for name, text box, text area, URL.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Bug fixing.


  • Updated help setup.

= 1.4.14=
– Bug fixing.

= 1.4.13=
– Local capture signature form.

= 1.4.12=
– UI changes.

= 1.4.11=
– Add new shortcode [swift_date_long] for long date formate.
– UI changes.

= 1.4.10=
– UI changes.

= 1.4.9=
– Auto generate eSign page.
– UI changes.

= 1.4.8=
– Bug fixing.

= 1.4.7=
– UI changes
– Bug fixing.

= 1.4.6=
– Auto generate page.


  • Allow Typing and to choose from for signature and initials field.


UI changes.


UI changes.


UI changes.
Bug fixing.


Inclusion of product id.


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Bug fixing.


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Bug fixing.


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