Double Opt-In (Avada, Contact Form 7) – GDPR Ready


Double Opt-In – BEST OPT IN PLUGIN FOR CONTACT FORM 7 AND AVADA. Easily enable and use a double opt-in system for
your Contact Form 7 & Avada Forms. This will ensure that the e-mail accounts of the submitters are valid. It will also
store all relevant information for GDPR. The Double Opt-In System can be enabled manually for each Contact Form 7 and
Avada Form.

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Learn how to use the Double-Opt-In Plugin

⭐ Features ⭐

  • Double Opt-In for Avada Forms
  • Double Opt-In for Contact Form 7
  • Supports Google Recaptcha
  • Supports Contact Form 7 Captcha by Forge12 Interactive GmbH
  • Store all relevant Information (Form IDs, E-Mail, Registration Date, Confirmation Date, Form Fields, the used Form and the Opt-In Mail.
  • Individual Opt-In Links for each submit.
  • Set the time period to automatically delete confirmed or unconfirmed opt-ins.
  • Use Predefined Templates for the Opt-In Mail or create your own.
  • Use custom form fields within the opt-in mail to personalize the output.
  • Regular Mails will be send after opt-in confirmation.
  • Partially supports Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7
  • Dynamic Condition: Allows you to enable the opt-in dynamically if the User activates/sets a given field.
  • Redirect to your custom confirmation page after the opt-in as been send to the user.
  • Fully customize the opt-in Mail.

⭐ Unique Features of Double Opt-In Pro ⭐

  • Double Opt-Out System – Create unique opt-out Links which will allow your customers to opt-out from each opt-in individually.
  • Easily export all of your Opt-Ins as CSV File

Update the plugin

  1. Please disable the plugin once and reactivate it. This will add the missing database columns.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.



  1. Upload the plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit the contact formular you want to add the double opt in System.


يناير 8, 2024
After some trial and then error with other more sophisticated plug-ins, I was delighted to find this simple one does exactly what it says. It’s not trying to be fancy and it integrates perfectly with Contact Form 7. I now have a simple email newsletter sign-up form with double opt-in. Once the user confirms their email address via the opt-in email request, the Contact Form 7 plug-in sends me an email with their address, and sends the subscriber a thank-you email.
أبريل 15, 2023
Getting wordpress critical error on confirmation page on first load. Please help me on this. Its urgent. Please reply quick.
فبراير 25, 2023
Plugin is simple and working very good with contact form 7. I had a try with an avada form first and it didn’t work but I contacted the support team and they replied and updated the plugin very quickly. I suppose it’s working now with avada too.
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Contributors & Developers

“Double Opt-In (Avada, Contact Form 7) – GDPR Ready” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial commit


  • Bugfix – Fixed a bug interrupting the enable/disable the function after enabling the double opt in.
  • Compatibility – Updated the compatibility to Contact Form 7 5.4


  • Feature – You can now define the page the people will be redirected to after clicking the confirmation link for the double opt in.


  • Added registration ip and confirmation ip to the database table.
  • Added the protocol page within tools -> forge12 double-opt-in storing the id, form id, content, confirmation, registration date, confirmation date, registration ip and confirmation ip for each double opt in.
  • Added a wordpress cronjob removing all unconfirmed optins older than 7 days.
  • Added a deactivation hook which will delete the confirmation table from the database and the cronjob.


  • Fixed a problem not saving the double opt in page.


  • Changed createtime/updatetime to varchar
  • Store timestamp in database instead of the date
  • Fixed a bug not updating the times correct


  • Fixed a bug not allowing to change the sender of the Opt-In mail


  • Fixed a bug on saving the Opt-In Formular


  • Uploaded files are now stored till the opt in has been confirmed.


  • Fixed a bug causing the double opt in not to save.


  • Added Update function within WordPress.


  • Updated Plugin URL


  • Added Plugin UI
  • Fixed a bug within the License System
  • Added Popup with details for Opt-ins containing additional informations and cleaner interface for form fields.


  • Bugfix – Fixed an error causing warnings to display even if debug mode was disabled.


  • Bugfix – Updated Deregister of License to use it on another site.


  • Ob Cache error fixed


  • Added option to export all opt-ins as CSV File.
  • Added option to export single opt-ins as CSV File.


  • Added a settings page allowing to customize the period of time the opt-ins are stored in the database.
  • Added the options to clean the database manually for confirmed, unconfirmed or all opt-ins.
  • Added the delete option for every doi within the popup window.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the form fields wrong in the popup window.


  • Added button to delete all Opt-Ins without filter check.


  • Bugfix – Fixed an Issue throwing an error after the form of an given opt in has been deleted.


  • Added three new hooks ‘f12_cf7_doubleoptin_after_confirm’ and ‘f12_cf7_doubleoptin_confirm_failed’ and ‘f12_cf7_doubleoptin_already_confirmed’


  • Added a custom class for OptIns to allow external developers to adjust the optins.
  • Rearranged code to make it more usable for external developers.


  • Fix: Fixed an error stoping the deletion to work.
  • Fix: Fixed several security issues.


  • New: Added Conditional Fields support.


  • Fix: Hotfix validation of Double-Opt-In


  • New: Added descriptions for the contact form 7 opt-in fields.


  • New: Added Opt-In Templates to the CF7 Opt-In Forms.
  • New: Added dynamic condition to the CF7 Opt-In Forms.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug causing the [doubleoptinlink] not to be parsed correctly.
  • New: The Plugin will now testing for new updates if the user forces the update check by wordpress.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug causing the license to not showing the valid until screen even if the license was valid.


  • New: Added 2 additional hooks ‘f12_cf7_doubleoptin_send_default_mail’ and ‘f12_cf7_doubleoptin_sent’


  • New: Added Captcha for Contact Form 7 compatibility
  • New: Fixe a bug on the latest opt-ins view pagination
  • New: Added Avada DOI Support, Attachments are not supported yet.


  • Update: code optimizations
  • Fix: Fixed a bug verifying the Type of CF7 used for sending the Opt-In Mail.
  • New: Added the filter hooks f12_cf7_doubleoptin_files_mail_1 & f12_cf7_doubleoptin_files_mail_2 which will allow you to define if it should send the attachements to mail1 or / and mail2.


  • Fix: Updated License System.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Avada Form Meta Data.


  • Update: Changed the Export function to support large files.


  • Update: Updated Conditional Forms to allow Conditional Tags within the Opt-In Mail
  • New: Added a new WordPress Filter that allows to manipulate the Opt-In Body before send (f12_cf7_doubleoptin_body);
  • New: Added Opt-In View which will display the opt-in on a new page instead of a popup.
  • New: Added Categories to the System. Opt-Ins can now be added to categories.
  • New: Export now available for categories. Export only the opt-ins required.
  • New: Added a search for the opt-ins. It is now possible to search the opt-ins form fields for the given content.
  • New: Adjust opt-ins items per page. You are now able to switch between 10, 25, 50, 100 items per page.
  • Update: Added dashicons for the confirmation status (yes/no)
  • Update: Added the category to the opt-in list view.
  • Update: Database settings now have their own ui page (database).
  • New: Store the HTML of the form within the Opt-In.
  • New: Store the HTML of the Opt-In Mail within the Opt-In.
  • Fix: Fixed some issues with Avada Forms not storing the settings correct.
  • New: Added Highlight.js to highlight the HTML on the Opt-In view.


  • Fix: CSS Stylesheet adjusted.


  • Fix: CSS fix flex layout
  • Fix: License System fixed.


  • Fix: Adding Support Button which will allow the customer to decide if he wants to support us with a backlink or not. Can be disabled within the settings.


  • Fix: Toggle.js replaced replaceAll with a regex replace.


  • Fix: Toggle.js fixed class.


  • Fix: Adjusted Admin CSS.
  • Fix: Updating the Category not working in detail view.


  • Fix: WP Cronjobs didn’t delete unconfirmed/confirmed opt-ins properly in some cases.
  • New: Added the option to set the period to delete confirmed and unconfirmed opt ins, options are: days, months, years. Default: months.


  • Fix: Whitespace issue on some WordPress Systems.


  • Fix: Problem fixed causing Avada Opt-Ins not submitting the Forms.


  • Fix: Problem fixed resetting the database.
  • Fix: Problem fixed deleting opt ins.


  • Fix: Fixed a problem causing avada forms to stop working.