This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Comment Rating Field Plugin


Comment Rating Field adds a 5 star rating field to the end of a comment form in WordPress, allowing the site visitor to optionally submit a rating along with their comment.

Ratings are displayed as stars for Posts that have ratings:
– below the Post Content, as an average rating,
– for each comment, below the comment text.

Comment Rating Field Pro

Comment Rating Field Pro provides additional functionality:

  • Multiple Field Groups:
    Each rating field group can be targeted to a specific Post Type and/or Taxonomy, allowing different fields for different sections of your web site.
  • Multiple Rating Fields: Add more than one rating field to your comment forms for Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and/or Taxonomy Terms.
  • Google Rich Snippet Schema Support: Choose a schema (e.g. Review, Product, Place, Person) for your Ratings. Visitors can see the average rating on your Google search results.
  • Rating Field Options: Define the maximum rating, precision and position of rating fields. Also limit visitors to one rating per Post, plus define which WordPress User Role(s) can add ratings.
  • Display Ratings: Define Positioning, styling, display field rating breakdowns, total number of ratings and more.
  • Star or Bar Output: Choose to output a Post’s rating using stars or bars.
  • Advanced Shortcodes: All of the advanced display options are available on the Shortcode.
  • Widget: Display the Top Rated Posts in your Sidebars.
  • Filter and Sort Ratings: Click a rating number to view all reviews matching that rating, as well as sort reviews by date or rating.
  • Sort Post Lists and Taxonomies by Rating: Change your Post and Taxonomy Archives to display Posts ordered by rating instead of date.
  • Developer Friendly: Enable support on bespoke comment systems, and use our functions to easily display the average rating, get rating data and more.
  • Jetpack, WooCommerce and SCE: Full support for Jetpack, WooCommerce and Simple Comment Editing.

Upgrade to Comment Rating Field Pro


We will do our best to provide support through the WordPress forums. However, please understand that this is a free plugin,
so support will be limited. Please read this article on how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it.

If you require one to one email support, please consider upgrading to the Pro version.

WP Zinc

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  • Settings Screen
  • Rating Field Input on Comments Form
  • Ratings displayed on Comments
  • Average Rating displayed on Post


  1. Upload the comment-rating-field-plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Active the Comment Rating Field Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Comment Rating Field Plugin menu that appears in your admin menu


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the comment-rating-field-plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Active the Comment Rating Field Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Comment Rating Field Plugin menu that appears in your admin menu


يوليوز 13, 2019
Don't understand all the negative ratings. I use the free version and it still works perfectly for me in July 2019. I have not found an alternative or anything that does what this plugin can do. Thanks for development! Cheers Florian
شتنبر 26, 2018
This is exactly the simple solution I was looking for to add ratings to my site. Love it.
شتنبر 11, 2017
This plugin doesn't feel well-built. I get lots of errors, it stops working if I update settings, and data disappears when I save half the time...
غشت 2, 2017
I bought the pro version because of the features that the plugin should have. Installed and the first bugs come. The "support" does not provide teamviewer, skype, remote desktop help. Solved the bug by myself... After soma days I see that ANY user message is managed by wp die 😐 I asked immediatly the support to solve this BIG user experience problem, but they replied that "it is not possible". Beleave me... Whit this plugin you only waste your time!
مارس 19, 2017
This is just one more of those "marketing" plugin where the author just wants you to upgrade to "Pro". This plugin doés not even offer basic features. Basically ALL features are considered "premium". Either make a real plugin, or leave repository and sell your "premium" on the open market instead. EDIT: After speaking with author over email, we came to the conclusion that the plugin actually have a bit too few free features, and could probably benefit from being updated with a few more available features. Author was helpful enough on showing the functions for meta keys that I was looking for in another plugin. I will test this later, and see if it works out.
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Contributors & Developers

“Comment Rating Field Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: Installation: Ensure a Group and Field exist, if none are defined


  • Added: Version bump to match Pro version, using same core codebase and UI for basic features. Fixes several oustanding bugs.
  • Added: Retina SVG Stars
  • Added: General: Empty, Filled and Selected Star Colors
  • Added: General: Star Size (in pixels)
  • Added: Rating Field: Make rating field required / not required, with options to specify required message
  • Added: Rating Output: Content: Option to conditionally display when ratings exist
  • Added: Rating Output: Comments: Option to conditionally display when ratings exist


  • Added: Edit Ratings in WordPress Admin when editing a Comment
  • Added: Improved graphics for star rating and cancel buttons, with Retina support
  • Added: Shortcode to output average rating for a Post


  • Fix: Undefined variable errors


  • Fix: Only display Review Helper for Super Admin and Admin


  • Added: Review Helper to check if the user needs help
  • Added: Using Pro core codebase and UI for basic features. Fixes several oustanding bugs
  • Updated: Dashboard Submodule
  • Fix: On new installations, enable for Posts by default to avoid possible confusion that the plugin does not work


  • Fix: Changed branding from WP Cube to WP Zinc


  • Tested with WordPress 4.3
  • Fix: plugin_dir_path() and plugin_dir_url() used for Multisite / symlink support


  • Added: Spanish translation
  • Fix: Only calculate average rating from approved comments (some comments awaiting moderation were wrongly included in calculations previously)


  • Fix: Changed Menu Icon
  • Fix: WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • Fix: Removed unused admin CSS


  • Fix: PHP warning on uninitialized $totalRating variable (props: tim.samuelsson)


  • Added translation support and .pot file


  • Fix: Better jQuery rating integration


  • Removed reference to unused admin.js file


  • Committed frontend.js; removed unused files


  • Dashboard CSS + JS enhancements


  • Fix: UI enhancements


  • Fix: Upgrade link
  • Version number in line with Pro version


  • Fix: Enabled on Page option (ratings now display on Pages)
  • Fix: CSS for some installations where rating numbers would display in front of stars


  • Fix for WordPress 3.4 compatibility
  • jQuery Rating Javascript updated to 3.14


  • Removal of Donate Button
  • On Activation, plugin no longer enables ratings on Pages and Posts by default
  • Change: Average Rating displayed below content for better formatting and output on themes
  • Fix: Language / localisation support
  • Fix: Rating only shows on selected categories where specified in the plugin
  • Fix: Recalculation of rating when comment removed
  • Fix: Multisite Compatibility
  • Fix: W3 Total Cache compatibility
  • Pro Version Only: Support: Access to support ticket system and knowledgebase
  • Pro Version Only: Custom Post Types: Support for rating display and functionality on ANY Custom Post Types and their Taxonomies
  • Pro Version Only: Widgets: List the Highest Average Rating Posts within your sidebars
  • Pro Version Only: Shortcodes: Use a shortcode to display the Average Rating anywhere within your content
  • Pro Version Only: Rating Field: Make rating field a required field
  • Pro Version Only: Display Average Rating: Choose to display average rating above or below the content
  • Pro Version Only: Seamless Upgrade: Retain all current settings and ratings when upgrading to Pro


  • Javascript changes to fix comment rating field not appearing below comment field on some themes.


  • Enable on Pages Option Added
  • Enable on Post Categories Option Added
  • Display Average Option Added – will display the average of all ratings at the top of the comments list.
  • Donate Button Added to Settings Panel
  • Change to readme.txt file for required ID on comment form.


  • Fixed paths for CSS and Javascript.


  • First release.