Affiliate Power


Affiliate Power tracks your affiliate income per post, so you can focus on things that pay! All data is saved on your server only.

If you have questions, just leave a comment on the Plugin Page. I’m glad to help

Premium Version

In addition to the free basic version, there is a premium version of the plugin, where you can also analyze your income per Referer, Keyword, Campaign etc. Find out more on the Premium Page.


Features, which only exist in the premium version are emphasized.

  • Supported Networks: adcell,, awin, belboon, commission junction, daisycon, ebay, financeads, digistore24, superclix, tradedoubler, tradetracker, webgains, zanox
  • Track income per Posts, Pages, Referer, Keywords and URL-Parameters like utm_campaign
  • Filter your import per website
  • Overview over all Leads and Sales
  • Automatic daily infomail on new or changes Sales
  • Export all Sales as Excel-CSV
  • Statistics over any period with income per Posts, Partner, Networks, Days, Weeks, Months, Landing Pages, Referer, Keywords and URL-Parameters
  • Detail Statistics over single posts, partners, etc


  • Income per Post
  • Overview over your Sales
  • Statistics (Premium-Version)



As usual.

  1. Upload the directory affiliate-power in /wp-content/plugins/ (or install the plugin over the plugin manager of WordPress)
  2. Activate the plugin over the plugin manager of WordPress
  3. The plugin creats it’s own submenu Affiliate Power. In the menu item Settings you can enter your affiliate network data
  4. After you have entered your affiliate network data, you can download your old sales on the page Leads/Sales by clicking on the Refresh transactions button.
  5. The plugin will download your sales autoamtically once a day.



Is my Data safe?

Yes, your income data is stored only in your WordPress database.

Are additional networks planned?

Definitely! Just leave a comment on the Plugin Page or write to me saying which network you think is missing.

Whats about the Amazon Partnernet?

Unfortunately, Amazon offers no real API for downloading sales and is blocking automated logins, so it is no longer supported by Affiliate Power.

Does the plug in work with Pretty Link?

Yes, with Pretty Link all tracking is automatically integrated. With other link cloakers only the transactions download works in the admin area but not article allocation etc.

Can I use the plugin with its own SubId tracking?

Yes, you can use the plugin, but you must then disable the tracking option as it also makes use of SubIds. In this case, only the sales are downloaded and there is no article assignment, visitor sources, etc. Maybe it is better to remove your own SubIds?

Is the sales data on the plugin up to date?

The plugin automatically downloads the sales once a day. You can, however, manually download the latest sales figures at any time.


يونيو 22, 2017
This is a great tool, it is simple but very usefull. I hope that some more networks will be added. I had some troubles getting it to work with all my accounts. But the support was good and at the end it worked out great
أبريل 18, 2017
I must say i'm loving this Plugin! It's perfect if you had Affiliates and wan't know Daily if a Sale was made :)) ****** Ich muss sagen, dass ich dieses Plugin liebe! Es ist perfekt für alle, die mit Affiliates arbeiten und täglich wissen wollen, was an neuer Provision rein gekommen ist :)) MANY THANKS @jonasbreuer VIELEN DANK @jonasbreuer
شتنبر 3, 2016
Hallo, ich setze das Plugin seit 2 Monaten ein und bin begeistert. Alles wird richtig erfasst und man einen sehr schnellen Überblick über alle Leads... PRIMA! Viele Grüße Ralf von
شتنبر 3, 2016
Can't get it to work with Tradedoubler alhtough double checked all settings. Author unable to provide support unless I purchase the full version - which I won't do unless I can get it working so we're stuck in a catch 22...
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Contributors & Developers

“Affiliate Power” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Removed


  • Readded newsletter
  • Bugfix: awim import
  • Bugfix: financeads import
  • Bugfix: Adcell subid parameter
  • Bugfix: Daisycon link identification
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Removed the newsletter
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Bugfix: Awin Subid adding
  • Bugfix: Pagination in sales overview
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Included awin
  • Fixed bug with adcell import
  • Fixed bug with cj import
  • Added hooks for customization
  • Fixed PHP notices


  • Minor bugfixes with network imports


  • compatibility with pretty link 2.0 fixed


  • Improved automail fixed
  • Several info texts improved
  • Cleanup SQL


  • affili Bug fixed
  • tradetracker Bug fixed


  • daisycon Bug fixed
  • financeads Bug fixed


  • financeads Bug fixed


  • Added network daisycon
  • Added network financeads
  • Removed network amazon
  • Added option to overwrite existing SubIds
  • Improved automail
  • Many bug fixes and small improvements


  • Another Tradedoubler Bug fixed
  • Tradetracker Bug fixed
  • HTTPS compatibility


  • Tradedoubler Bug fixed


  • German headlines in statistics fixed
  • Show SubIds if tracking is deactivated
  • Zanox Class name collision fixed
  • Digistore24 error message if no key is provided fixed


  • Updated eBay infotext
  • Bugfixes eBay API
  • Zanox class renamed to avoid collisions
  • Tradetracker API timeframe improved
  • Automail bug fixed


  • New network: eBay
  • New network: Digistore24
  • New network: Tradetracker
  • New network: Webgains
  • Improved settings screen
  • Little bugfixes and improvements


  • Changed the location of the premium licence server


  • Fixed a bug which crashed the sales import


  • Website filter for
  • Show check date as own sortable column in sales overview
  • Fixed Amazon tag filter
  • Little bugfixes and improvements


  • Amazon support
  • Search field in sales overview
  • Confirmation date in sales overview
  • Spanish translation
  • Better performance


  • Full WordPress 3.7.1 compatibility
  • Bugfix with Zanox deeplinks


  • Full WordPress 3.7.1 compatibility
  • Earnings column in pages and posts visible for admins only
  • Some minor bugfixes


  • Fixed a bug where the path to admin-ajax.php was not correct on multisites


  • Fixed a bug where image affiliate links were not opened into a new window
  • Better support for WP multisite
  • Fixed cancelled sales in infomail
  • Delete old data from database
  • A few minor JS bugfixes


  • Added Website filter for Superclix
  • Added totals in daily EMail
  • Fixed Confirmed Sales in daily Email
  • Fixed Spaces in Google Keywords
  • Added Newsletter Optin
  • Added some infotexts after x days of using the plugin
  • Fixed some minor translation issues


  • English version
  • Integration with Webworker Dashboard
  • Daily download is now always at 3am
  • Daily mail include all sales of the day
  • Multiple ad platforms are now allowed for Belboon, Tradedoubler and Zanox
  • Little Bug Fixes and better explanations of some fields


  • Unterstützung für verschlüsselte Adcell Links nach dem neuen Linkformat


  • Einnahmen werden auch in der Seitenübersicht angezeigt
  • Untersützung für neues Adcell Linkformat
  • Pretty Link Pro URL Rotation gefixt
  • Mail nur bei Tagesabruf


  • Unterstützung von Custom Post Types
  • Einbau eines eigenen Logos
  • Einbau der Detail-Statistiken
  • Verbesserte Erklärungstexte und Benutzerführung
  • Kleine Bugfixes


  • Bug beim Zanox-Tracking gefixt


  • Probleme mit bestimmten Deeplinks gefixt
  • Berücksichtigung alternativer Tradedoubler Links


  • Bugfix: Datumsauswahl unter Chrome
  • Bugfix: Adcell Import


  • Adcell integriert
  • frei definierbare URL-Parameter
  • Schnellauswahl heute/gestern/letzte 7 Tage/letzte 30 Tage/gesamt in den Statistiken
  • Statistik nach Tagen/Wochen/Monat wieder eingebaut
  • Datum im E-Mail-Report
  • Beim ersten Sales-Download 100 Tage überprüfen
  • Artikel-Tracking automatisch aktivieren bei Neuinstallation
  • Startseite in Statistik extra erwähnen
  • Diverse Bugfixes und Performance-Verbesserungen


  • Bug gefixt, durch den die SubId bei Belboon Deeplinks nicht richtig angehängt wurde
  • Performance-Verbesserung bei Sales-Übersicht und Statistik


  • Frei wählbarer Zeitraum bei den Statistiken
  • Robusteres Tracking
  • Einführung Premium-Version
  • Code aufgeräumt
  • Kleine Bugfixes


  • Bug gefixt, bei dem Leads und Sales bei Bestätigung auf 0€ gesetzt wurden (Hotfix)


  • Neues Netzwerk: Commission Junction
  • Optionale Infomail bei neuen oder geänderten Leads und Sales
  • Dashboard-Widget zur Übersicht über die Einnahmen
  • CSV-Export für Excel
  • WordPress 3.5 Kompatibilität
  • Kleine Usability-Verbesserungen


  • Neues Netzwerk: Superclix
  • Neue Statistiken: Netzwerke, Tage, Wochen
  • Neue Spalten in der Transaktions-Übersicht: Typ (Sale oder Lead), Einkaufswert
  • Einstellungsseite überarbeitet (Untersektionen, Erklärungstexte)
  • Performance Verbesserungen
  • Kleine Bugfixes
  • Code aufgeräumt


  • Artikel-Tracking von Zanox Deeplinks gefixt (Hotfix)


  • Zuweisung von Belboon Sales zu Artikeln gefixt (Hotfix)


  • Integration Belboon
  • Filter nach Webseiten
  • Pretty Link Tracking auf der Startseite gefixt
  • Kleine Bugfixes


  • Integration in Pretty Links


  • Erste Beta-Version